Say Goodbye to Stress by Scheduling a little “ME” Time

Say Goodbye to Stress by Scheduling a Little “Me” Time

You know I’ve spoken about scheduling MomTime before and will probably continue to do so until the day I stop writing. It is that important. 


You cannot give of yourself in the way you want to as a parent if you have nothing left to give. 


What I didn’t really realise before I become a full-time stay at home parent is how unbelievably stressful it is. Had you told me 3 years ago that I would find being a stay home mom stressful I probably would have laughed at you. I know realise how naive I was. 


Parenting is an extremely stressful job. Every minute of every day. It’s a job you never get a break from whether physically or mentally. 


Not only do you need MomTime or DadTime to better face the challenges that the day may throw at you but you also need it to help eliminate that stress that sits in the back of your mind.

Sarah from Relax Everyday shares her thoughts on Stress within your parenting role and how you can prevent it from affecting your everyday. 



Say Goodbye to Stress 


Motherhood is no joke. Combine parenting with working full or part-time, and suddenly you’ve got more than you ever bargained for. Being a mom and working at the same time doesn’t have to stress you out though. There are ways to accomplish what you need to, spend time with your children, and keep stress to a minimum.


Say Goodbye to Stress by Scheduling a Little “Me” Time. Parenting is an extremely stressful job. Every minute of every day. It's a job you never get a break from whether physically or mentally. 

Stress, the Joy Killer

With so much to do in only limited hours during the day, we may feel the squeeze of stress in our lives. This is because we can’t control everything that is happening in our lives. Well, we really can’t! Once we realize that certain things are indeed beyond our control, we can push aside our skewed perception of the situation and just focus on the facts. Don’t let the stress become bigger than it is.


No Time for Negative Affects

Stress can have profound impacts on our lives, both on our mental and physical capacity. If you become overwhelmed and feed the stress-monster, it will only continue to get worse. Headaches, upset stomachs, fatigue, poor decision-making, and many other symptoms are effects of too much stress in your life. Mothers and working mom’s need their energy, but they also need clear minds with excellent decision-making skills to get what they need to get done throughout the day.


Say Goodbye to Stress by Scheduling a Little “Me” Time

Take Action and Say Goodbye to Stress!

There are some steps to take to beat down stress and keep it from interfering with your busy life. Working mothers have that constant battle of balancing their home lives and work. An excellent way to free up time and reduce stress during the week is to plan and make your family meals on Sundays. This way, dinners are taken care of for the week and you don’t have to stress over it. Another great way to help balance your life and reduce stress is to stop trying to make everything perfect. If the dishes are dirty, that is okay. If the floor needs to be swept, but you are exhausted, it can wait. Decide what is best, for both you and your time, and let some things go.


Be an Early Bird

Getting up in the mornings before your children wake up, provide you with a few precious moments of quiet reflection. Meditation is a perfect way to start the day because it provides a positive mindset and helps center you in preparation for a busy day. Whether it be lying in bed and practicing some breathing exercise, or having coffee on the porch, or listening to a motivational song or speaker for a few minutes, start the day off on a good and stress free note.


Choose Your Battles

Let’s face it, our to-do lists are endless, but that is okay. Take time to breathe and rest, because stress thrives in situations where rest or relief isn’t allowed. Rest needs to be fit into your schedule, or else it may never happen. Allow time for you to take a break. The to-do list will always be there, and you don’t have to exhaust yourself trying to accomplish everything every day. Allowing a little “you” time is one of the best ways to remove stress and improve your mood.


Make Time for You

Take a few moments a day to make time for yourself. It will not only make you feel happy but also increase a positive mindset and keep stress and anxiety away. Read a book, take a walk, do an activity you enjoy and allow yourself to enjoy life. Sure, there is a lot to get done, but remember that it is the journey that we should be experiencing and make time to appreciate it.


Say Goodbye to Stress by Scheduling a Little “Me” Time


More about Sarah


Sarah wants to teach people how to relax using meditation, relaxation, and mindfulness one her site and shares lessons everyday on Relax Everyday.

By promoting relaxation, she hopes readers will become healthier in mind and in body.

Sarah is a great writer and I am so pleased to have her write for AllThingsMomSydney. Thank you so much Sarah for stepping in and helping me and the readers work through this important issue. 



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