Potter’s Cafe at Pittwater RSL – Tuesday Toddler Time 

Potter’s Cafe at Pittwater RSL and Tuesday Toddler Time 

I have a feeling that Potter’s Cafe is going to become an extremely popular hangout for families living on Sydney’s North Shore. 

The layout of the Cafe, adjacent restaurant and play areas are certain to appeal to families with kids. 

That’s not even giving any attention to the amazing Tuesday Toddler Time the Potter’s Cafe holds. 

Potters Cafe ad Toddler Tuesday


The kids and I visited last week and were pleasantly surprised. It was well worth the drive up the beaches. 

There are a number of places to eat at Pittwater RSL but on our visit we stuck to Potter’s Cafe. 

For a full list of eateries check out Pittwater RSL website

Where is Potter’s Cafe

Location and address 

Pittwater RSL is in Mona Vale, one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches suburbs. To give you an idea of Mona Vales location – it lies North of Narrabeen and Warriewood, South of Newport and Avalon. 

The official address is 82 Mona Vale Road but the entrance is actually on Foley Street. 


There is onsite free parking. 


If you’re coming by public transport the only way to get to Pittwater RSL is by bus or via Pittwater RSL’s courtesy bus. 


The bus 

The L85 stops directly outside the Pittwater RSL’s upper entrance on Foley Street. 

The courtesy bus 

Pittwater RSL provides a free courtesy bus for its members. It does pick ups and drop offs within an area spanning from the Northern end of Newport Beach, to Narrabeen Fire Station, and the Bahai Temple. The bus usually runs hourly between certain times on Wednesday through to Sunday. Wednesday and Sunday hours are generally during the day and Thursday to Saturday from 5pm to 11pm or midnight. 


Potter’s Cafe and the Playground 

The Cafe


Potters Cafe is located upstairs and the Pittwater RSL. I like the cafe, there is lots of light streaming in through the windows and the decor is really pretty. It’s a place you could even visit without the kids. 


Potter's Cafe at Pittwater RSL - Tuesday Toddler Time 

The play areas

Next to the Cafe is an indoor play area, like the one at Belrose Hotel or Hotel Pennant Hills. The play area is not as big as the Belrose one but it is bigger that the one at Pennant Hills hotel. 


The indoor play area has various areas for the kids to climb, a mini flying fox right at the back and two massive slides. The slides are really really high and while there were a few 2 year olds flying down them my 2 year old got to the bottom and cried her eyes out because she hadn’t known it was going to be so scary. 

Potter's Cafe at Pittwater RSL - Tuesday Toddler Time  

There is another play area in Potter’s Cafe which good for kids. Just outside of the Cafe is a “pseudo outdoor area”  which is completely enclosed but open air. There is turf on the ground and a few toys for the kids to play with. I can imagine this being a very cool spot for the little ones in summer. 


The food at Potter’s Cafe

I heard various moms raving about the food and while we didn’t have lunch or one of the available snacks I saw some of the kids meals go out and they look decent. 


Tuesday Toddler Time at Potter’s Cafe 


Every Tuesday Potter’s Cafe holds a special morning of entertainment for little kids.


The entertainment is the brain child of single lady who entertains the kids with boundless enthusiasm. Her face painting is also exceptional. She is fantastic with the kids and so engaging. I didn’t get to speak to her much because she was busy with the kids all the time but I did sit next to the face painting station for a while. 


The morning starts with face painting at 10:30am. Around midday and after face painting there is story time and balloons or other form of entertainment. Last week there was also some hula hooping but we had to leave before this started. The kids are also welcome to come and go as they please and play in play center or in the outdoor space. 

Potter's Cafe at Pittwater RSL - Tuesday Toddler Time 


I can’t believe that this is all free for the cost of RSL membership and whatever you want to eat or drink. 


Food at Potter’s Cafe and Glasshouse


The Potter’s Cafe serves basic snacks and beverages. There are biscuits, muffins, croissants and wraps all available at the Cafe. 


If you are looking to order of the menu you have to order from the Glasshouse which is the restaurant that shares the space with The Potter’s Cafe.


There is a Glasshouse Menu for kids that includes Chicken Tenderloins, Battered Fish and Roast Chicken, each costing $12.50. 


The Glasshouse Menu for adults has tons of items to choose from. There are starters and share plates including chicken wings, parfait and calamari. You can also get a steak, nachos, loaded fries or a slow cooked meals. 

Entrance fees for Pittwater RSL


As we are half way through the year Pittwater RSL is offering membership for $6. Otherwise annual membership for the year running January to December is generally $10. 


In order to sign up to be a member you have to have your drivers licence with you and then fill out a form. You will get your picture taken and be given a membership card. 


With membership you also get 5% off your bill at Potter’s Cafe. I am almost sure that is also applicable to the Glasshouse. 



If you’re looking to eat out on the Northern Beaches with kids you can also try one of the following suggestions. 


The Newport also has a play space for kids. 

Ironbark in Manly is great with kids. No play space but they are so accomodating and kids eat free at certain times. 



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