take the allthingsmomsydney test to see if you are a domestic goddess

Are you a domestic goddess … Take the test 

Are you a domestic goddess?

What is the definition of Domestic Goddess? Is a Domestic Goddess someone who gets it right all the time while looking perfect? Maybe. Is a Domestic Goddess someone who outsources everything to other people. That is a great idea.


In this post a Domestic Goddess is someone who does performs all her roles perfectly which a certain flair, a Je Ne Sais Quois. I may not have the same view of the roles though…


Could this be you? Do you thrive on eating cold left overs? This is the type of domestic goddess I’m talking about. 


You should definitely take the AllThingsMomSydney test to find out. 


Domestic Goddess Test

Answer yes or no to the following questions. For every question you answer in the affirmative you get half a point. Check out your score below to find out whether you are a domestic goddess. 


Don’t worry if you don’t achieve the score you want, I have added some suggestions below on how to improve your score.

are you a domestic goddess a humorous test

Test Questions

1. Can you iron creases into shirts. The types of creases that stay all day and then a bit longer?

2. Do you never have the right amount of food at gatherings – from BBQ to birthday party do you always have too much food or too little?

3. Have you managed to leave a random sock (preferably coloured) in a white washing load?

4. Are you capable of killing plants, dead. Deader than dead?

5. Can you alter the size of clothing without a needle and thread – I’m talking washing machine or tumble dryer shrinking. It’s a great skill to have when it comes to stealing my husbands clothes but not so great when it comes to trying to get your jeans on?

6. Have you every reheated the same cup of tea or coffee more than once in the same day?

7. Do you throw things into a cupboard and close it quickly so everything that is haphazardly arranged doesn’t fall out. 

8. Are you excellent at reheating frozen meals with absolute precision. I don’t want to brag but I’m so skilled – I don’t even need to look at the packet for heating instructions anymore?

9. Have you ever found the need to step over some toys, books or clothes rather than clean them up?

10. Does the concept of being asked to host a function at your home scare you?


you’re half way through, remember each affirmative answer counts for half a point 


11. Do you own one or more cook books or recipe books that have never been opened except when they were first bought or received.

12. Have you found yourself coming home from grocery shopping without the one thing you really needed? 

13. Do you know the children’s tv channels off by heart? This is a two part question, so you can get a point for answering yes to either. Do you have a favourite children’s tv show or song? 

14. Have you ever left the house without brushing your hair or showering? If not, have you ever swept your hair into a bun or cap to hide what it looks like?

15. Do you have a pile of letters, bills or papers randomly stacked somewhere?

16. Are there a few pair of shoes that seem incapable of staying in your cupboard – that either live somewhere in the house or in the car?

17. Does the concept of meal planning seem such a good idea and almost possible yet you’ve never completely done it throughout a single week?

18. Do you try to ignore areas of the house that need cleaning, like the windows and mirrors and the inside of the toothbrush holder?

19. Have you ever found yourself wondering what you are going to make for dinner, at dinnertime?

20. Be honest now, have you ever thought about throwing something out rather than clean it? 


are you a domestic goddess? take the test

Test Results 

10 / 10 

Result: Well done, a perfect score -You are indeed a domestic goodness el supremo. I’m interested to hear of your other mad skills. Let me know where the test could expand. 

What you can do to improve: Nothing. I think I could learn from you. 

8 – 9 / 10 

Result: So close, you’re almost perfect but, it’s okay, you can definitely call yourself a DG. 

What you can do to improve: Go to bed on Saturday and just stay there all of Sunday. Just do nothing, this should bring your score way up. 

6 – 7 / 10 

Result: Better than half a domestic goddess, you’re 60% or 70% there. 

What you can do to improve: Go to bed on Saturday and just stay there all of Sunday. Just do nothing, this should bring your score way up. 


5 / 10 

Result: You’re half a domestic goddess.

What you can do to improve: Find a friend to complete the test and if she gets 10 or more you both win Domestic Goddess statuses for yourselves. 

1 – 4 / 10 

Result: Ah, not such a great score but well done. 

What you can do to improve:  With a little less effort and OCD you could be a domestic goddess. You need to learn to let go. But no judgment – we’re all on the same team. 


For an immediate increase in score


If you’re desperate to up your score I suggest you have a playdate at your house one afternoon when the weather is too bad to go outside and make sure it runs late into the night.

This should add some points by way of questions 2, 9, 10, 13 and 19.



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8 thoughts on “Are you a domestic goddess … Take the test 

  1. Haha this was a great read and made me smile and laugh! Thank u! I’m pretty sure I do all those things 🙂 I have cookbooks from my wedding I have never opened!!!

  2. I don’t think I’m a domestic goddess. There’s certain anatomical qualifications that I am unable to adhere to. But my wife always said every girl is a princess. Maybe I’m raising goddesses in training?

  3. YES I throw things away all the time that I should clean. That is horrible right? Heck no because I am not everyone’s maid and “if they wanted to keep it they should have cleaned it”.

  4. This was a fun post, but I clicked on the image expecting to go to an interactive quiz. Instead it took me to your opt in page. I am a domestic goddess, for sure! 🙂

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