The Boathouse at Palm Beach 

The Boathouse at Palm Beach Whether you visit The Boat House at Palm Beach with the kids or without it’s a lovely restaurant in a stunning location.    The Boat House Palm Beach is one of my favourite places to take tourists to Sydney. Not only do they get to see the beauty of Sydney’s beaches […]

Maintaining Your Clothes: Tips and Tricks to keep your clothes looking new

Maintaining your clothes – how to keep your clothes looking new I don’t know what it is that is so frustrating about damaging a great article of clothing but it really gets to me. It drives me nuts when something I love wearing changes colour or gets shrunk.  Great articles of clothing don’t come cheap […]

Wockbar, Eating out in Dee Why with kids

Wockbar, Dee Why Wockbar, Dee Why is one of the most popular places for families to eat in Dee Why.   My son loves eating there. I’m not sure if it’s the novelty of chopsticks or the bright interior. Wockbar specialises in serving Asian hawker-street foods & yum-cha favourites. 

Meal Planning for Beginners - Meal Planning Week 4, step by step guide and meal ideas

Meal Planning Week 4

Meal Planning Week 4 Meal Planning Week 4 is hopefully a bit better than Meal Planning Week 3. I can’t believe I’ve already been through three weeks of Meal Planning. I thought I wouldn’t keep at it but I have and I’m so happy.    Week 3 was not ideal. I’ll deal with how week […]

The Beach Shed, Dee Why

The Beach Shed – Right on Dee Why Beach The Beach Shed is our local happy place.   It’s such a relaxed place with the best view and great coffee and food. I don’t think any overseas visitor has stayed with us without having a least one trip to the Beach Shed.    I really love […]

paddington bear movies

Paddington Bear Movie (2014) – A mom’s review

The Paddington Bear Movie  The Paddington Bear Movie of 2014 is a interesting take on the story of Paddington, originally written  by Michael Bond. It’s not the same as any of the books but has retained all the characters and stays true to Paddington’s story.

The Beaches Market – For the whole family

The Beaches Market at Warriewood I can’t believe the Beaches Markets were happening just up the beaches from us and I had no idea. It’s such a great market to visit with such good fresh produce that you can’t not at least visit once.   We’ll be back, hopefully for some fruit and vegetables but […]

Meal Planning for dummies like me

Meal Planning Week 3

Meal Planning Week 3 Meal Planning Week 3 is hopefully another step up from Meal Planning Week 2. Week 2 wasn’t awful but it could be better.  I am not expert in Meal Planning, not even close but I can see the benefit in it and I want to keep preserving until I can realise […]

The Powerhouse Museum with Kids

The Powerhouse Museum with Young Kids   The Powerhouse Museum is a strange combination of exhibits and displays. It’s taken me a while to work out what the “ethos” of the Museum is. It has a bit of transport to it, then some space and then the high energy Wiggles Display.   

Fisherman’s Beach, Collaroy

Fisherman’s Beach, Collaroy Fisherman’s Beach is so much fun for kids and has so much to explore.  Now I don’t generally write about beaches in the winter or if I do, I only publish the posts in Spring and Summer. Fisherman’s Beach is different though. It is great to visit in Winter or in the […]

Potter’s Cafe at Pittwater RSL – Tuesday Toddler Time 

Potter’s Cafe at Pittwater RSL and Tuesday Toddler Time  I have a feeling that Potter’s Cafe is going to become an extremely popular hangout for families living on Sydney’s North Shore.  The layout of the Cafe, adjacent restaurant and play areas are certain to appeal to families with kids.  That’s not even giving any attention […]

how to start meal planning

Meal Planning Week 2

Meal Planning Week 2 Meal Planning Week 2 better go a whole lot better than week one!   I’m sharing my meal plan adventure – wins and fails with you so that I can hold myself accountable. The blog isn’t really about this type of stuff but I need to try my best to get […]