Corbett Playground in Manly Vale 

Corbett Playground What a fantastic surprise. Corbett Playground wasn’t recommended to me nor had I even heard of it before, I found it by way of Google and hoped it would turn out to be worth the drive.  It was an absolutely fantastic surprise! 

Vivid at Taronga 2017 – how to do Taronga Vivid with kids

Vivid at Taronga 2017 – how to do Taronga Vivid with kids Vivid at Taronga is the best aspect of Vivid for kids. It is easily accessible, you can do it with a pram and there are a limited number of people. This is the second year in the row that we have done it […]

Japanese Gardens, Auburn Botanical Garden

Japanese Gardens, Auburn Botanical Garden The Japanese Gardens are so lovely. Any garden or flower enthusiast should visit and don’t be scared to take the kids – they will enjoy it too.    It may be quite a trip to get there but I am sure you wont be disappointed. We visited last year for […]

14 suggestions for feeding a fussy eater

Feeding a fussy eater 

Feeding a Fussy Eater  Feeding a fussy eater is soul destroying. You are so tired as it is, being a mom and all. Then you just want your child to eat but they won’t.   It is all much worse when you’ve got a skinny eater and you’re worried about them and nothing seems to […]

North Curl Curl Lagoon with kids

North Curl Curl Lagoon with kids I didn’t realise that North Curl Curl Lagoon was such a good place to visit with kids. We live nearby and I had noticed a few people walking and cycling along the lagoon on the beach side but I didn’t realise it extended so far. It’s not as pretty […]


CHILDREN AND CHORES I remember having chores as a child but I can’t remember when they started. I’ve started wondering what I should do about introducing my chores to my children. My children help me out around the house but not in a structure manner.   The thought of children and chores seems so tempting but […]

Mom and Son Date in the City

Mom and Son Date in the City My son and I went on a mom and son date in the City last month and it was so special! So often it is my husband who gets the one on one time with my son because I stay home to look after our youngest. Maybe it’s […]

The Gingerbread House in Katoomba – a treat for the kids

The Gingerbread House in Katoomba The Gingerbread House in Katoomba is a cool little spot to take the kids for a treat if you’re in the Bluemountains. I would recommend going there for a full meal but for a quick visit it’s awesome.

Big Banana, Coffs Harbour

The Big Banana No visit to Coffs Harbour can be undertaken without visiting the Big Banana.   It is not just one of Australia’s Big Icons. The Big Banana is a whole park that has a water park, an ice-rink, toboggan slope, movie theatre, laser tag and putt-putt course (mini golf).  

Mom Types: What Mom Type are you?

Mom Types There are so many different moms that you come across. While we are all different it is some times amusing to try simplify things and put together a list of Mom Types.  When I was sent this from Thoroughly Reviewed I was almost too embarrassed to read this. I didn’t want to see which […]


Fire Station Open Day in New South Wales Fire Station Open Day 2016 was such fun that you have to try it for yourself. Last year we stumbled across the fire station open day. We spent the morning at a fire station with my 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter and thoroughly […]

How I survive sleeping in the same vicinity as my feisty kids

The Lighter Side of Co-Sleeping Is it really co-sleeping? Anyone else’s children climb in their bed in the middle of the night? Then they spread themselves out with their feet on your face…   We put a double bed in her room for when guests visit. Little did I know I would spend a lot […]