One day I will…

One day I will 

A stellar list of things I want to accomplish

One day… I’ve heard these words so many times. On one such occasion I wondered for myself what I would do if I had time on my hands. If, for one moment, I didn’t have to run around after two little kids.


Here is my list of things that I would do, if I had the time (and maybe the inclination).


One day I will …

  1. Do all the filing that sits in cupboards, on tables and shelves.
  2. Make my bookcases look like those fancy ones on Pinterest.
  3. Take photos of all my son’s artwork that keeps coming home in droves so I can make an album sans originals. Don’t tell him I intend chucking the originals, he would be mortified.
  4. Match all the DVDs to their cases. This would make life so much easier.
  5. Put up a calendar and fill in the dates of upcoming events so I stop double-booking. Will probably then just ignore the calendar and continue to annoy everyone who makes plans with me. Maybe it would be even easier to just save things to my phone.
  6. Stick all the recipes in the recipe book so they don’t drop out all over the kitchen floor everytime I open the book. I really know I should do this but I just keep adding to it.  one day I will... organise my recipe book
  7. Take all the clothes my kids don’t wear out of their cupboards. This will be such a lifesaver! This way I won’t reprimand myself when I can find “that” shirt because there are too many old clothes filling the drawers.
  8. Clean all the cupboards or the fridge. Either or. Will never do both at the same time, let’s be honest.
  9. Back up the photos on my phone.
  10. Finish my first child’s three year scrap book and start my second child’s three year scrap book. Poor second children.
  11. Do the ironing.
  12. Sort the Tupperware… Maybe not. one day I will sort out the tupperware drawer
  13. Remove the clothes from the car so it can return to a car as opposed to a wardrobe on wheels, whereby returning to my husband’s good books.



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