Novotel Pacific Bay, Coffs Harbour

Novotel Pacific Bay

We visited Novotel Pacific Bay in October 2016 as part of our first long family holiday since we arrived in Australia. We chose to book through airbnb so that we could stay in someone’s home but the home we chose was in the Terraces section of the resort and we had full use of the resort’s facilities.


Where is Novotel Pacific Bay

Novotel Pacific Bay is easy to find. Just North of Coffs Harbour (just after The Big Banana if you’re traveling North).

where is novotel pacific bay


Novotel Pacific Bay Features

Resort Grounds

The resort grounds are good for families with little kids. There is plenty of places for adventuring around. A lovely set of pools, access to the beach and a playground. For families with older kids these features can still be enjoyed and added to with a kids club, segway tours, tennis courts and a golf course.


novotel pacific bay grounds


The weather in October was perfect for our visit – predominately sunny with one overcast day to keep us grounded.

novotel pacific bay pools


The Swimming Pools

The pools at the centre of the resort are perfect for families with little ones. There is a very shallow baby pool and then the bigger pool which starts off shallow enough for toddlers to play in graduating towards a deeper end. The bigger pool features water jets. There is a kiosk at the pools which serves coffee (no decaf), ice creams, drinks and light meals.


The serious downside to this area is the bathrooms, they are absolutely awful.

novotel pacific bay swimming pool


The beach

The beach that the Novotel Pacific Bay opens onto is beautiful but not as child friendly as one would hope for.  There are no lifeguards and no indicators of whether it is safe to swim and the sand starts off very rocky.


Aside from the above issues it is a beautiful beach. It reminds me of some of the secluded Thai beaches where the forest gives way to a beach and the water is translucent.


We spent a couple of hours one afternoon just exploring the rocks and discovering sea anemones and star fish much to the amazement of the kids. There were a few people walking on the beach, kids swimming and even two wedding parties having their pictures taken so its definitely worth a peek at worst.


pacific bay novotel


Novotel Pacific Bay  – the not so great parts

Aside from the poor quality of bathrooms at the pools the other downside to the resort is that there is only one restaurant. Not only that, the restaurant doesn’t have a great selection of meals on offer at dinner time.


While it is in a lovely setting – looking out over the golf course and one of the waterways this makes it unsafe for kids.


You’re better served picking up something to eat on your way through Coffs Harbour on route to the hotel for the first night of your stay.



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