No. 1 Reason to Visit Belrose Super Center

Belrose Supa Center Kids’ Play Area

The number one reason to visit Belrose Supa Center is the indoor play area.


The indoor play area is just superb, small but entertaining for pre-schoolers, clean and often empty.


belrose super center
Belrose Supa Center
belrose super center   belrose homewares shopping
north shore supa center

Other kids activities at Belrose Supa Center

There are often events scheduled for kids either by the Center itself or Spotlight.


For bigger kids, there is the outside playground on the top level. This was recently refurbished and is now much nicer than it used to be.


Now for 7 other reasons to visit Belrose Supa Center:


  1.  Good coffee from Scancelli Cafe
  2. A number of furniture shops. Ozdesign and Freedom are my favourites.
  3. Spotlight. If you’re planning a party or looking for craft, baking or fabric supplies.
  4. New great toy shop: Discount Toy Co (Website link here)
  5.  An anaconda for all your outdoor stuff. We got some great specials on snow gear (baby onesies, snow boots).
  6. Overstock, hundreds of products at much cheaper than you would buy, I found books that were $3 there that were $13 elsewhere.
  7. Plenty of unlimited, unticketed parking (I think there is 1000 parking bays or thereabouts).


The Center has a Website and is on Facebook and Instagram too.


Where is Belrose Supa Center


In real life you can find them Corner Forest Way and Garigal Road, Belrose NSW 2085.


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