More Character Nursery Rhymes

More Character Nursery Rhymes

Following on from last week, here are three more Character Nursery Rhymes. You can find the last three Nursery Rhymes with Characters here. 


Old Mother Hubbard and Humpty Dumpty are very well known nursery rhymes which probably remind you of your childhood. Maybe even the Peter Rabbit Nursery Rhyme strikes a cord, I’m not sure it is one that was taught to sung to me when I was little. 


Old Mother Hubbard

Everyone should recall Old Mother Hubbard who went to the cupboard. I felt so sorry for the little dog an your child listening to the story that I had to include a picture of a cute little thing to make the Nursery Rhyme seem happier. 

More Character Nursery Rhymes: Old Mother Hubbard, Little Peter Rabbit and Humpty Dumpty


Little Peter Rabbit


This character nursery rhyme wasn’t known to me until my youngest started at a playgroup. Nevertheless it is a really great nursery rhyme as it helps little children understand the different parts of their face through reference to them in the song. 


It also doesn’t hurt that the character is the famous Peter Rabbit. 


little peter rabbit


This goes on to include the fly moving to his ear and his chin. You can repeat the song by referring to any of your little one’s body parts. 


Humpty Dumpty

I’m not sure how we know that Humpty Dumpty was an egg but I think it’s taken for granted. I’d be interested to hear if anyone else thinks otherwise. 


More Character Nursery Rhymes: Old Mother Hubbard, Little Peter Rabbit and Humpty Dumpty 


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The whole reason behind incorporating Nursery Rhymes on the site is to help you find new ones or remind you about old ones you may have forgotten you knew. So often as parents we land up repeating the same songs and rhymes to our children, to the point that we can’t think of a single new one. This section is dedicated to you not losing your mind. 

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Each of  the Nursery Rhymes, these Character Nursery Rhymes and the others are all in photograph form and with realistic images. This is done intentionally so that you can save them to your phone so that you have them at hand. 

You can show the kids the photos so they can associate the words with relevant images and so that they begin to remember their favourites based on the visual and not just the audio. 


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