Meal Planning Week 5 and 6

Meal Planning Week 5 and 6

Meal Planning Week 5 was an absolute disaster. An absolute disaster!! 



It was such a disaster that I didn’t even get to recap on how week 4 went. I’ll get to all the problems later on in the post. 



What happened in Week 5


I was preoccupied on the weekend because I’m trying to go back to workforce which is a little difficult but a whole other story for a different day. 

As a result I didn’t set aside specific time on Sunday to plan the menu for the week. This threw me off completely. I wrongly thought I would find time on Monday but then I woke up with a blood red eye which needed urgent attention. There was no time for anything on Monday and I had to pull something out the freezer to heat up for Monday night’s dinner. 


Come Tuesday I had to take the kids grocery shopping with me. Kids + grocery shopping = Nightmare. 


Kids + grocery shopping = Nightmare. 


Due to having the kids with me I had to think on the run and come up with a plan whilst shopping. This did not work. 


Ultimately we had the following for dinner in Week 5:


Sunday – Pizza 

Monday – Spaghetti Bolognaise

Tuesday – Chicken Stir Fry 

Wednesday – Lamb Rogan Josh 

Thursday – Crumbed Chicken Strips and Chips 



As you know by now, if you’ve be following the series,  The original inspiration for Meal Planning came from a great guest post on meal planning on the site. If you haven’t you can follow my trials and tribulations in Meal Planning Week 2,  Meal Planning Week 3  and Meal Planning Week 4.




Meal Planning Week 5 - Meal Planning for beginners


What I learnt from last week 

1. Plan on a Sunday and be committed to it. 

2. Don’t shop without a plan – you will buy all sorts of stuff you don’t actually need. 

3. Don’t try make up a plan on the move. 


Meal Planning Week 6: The Menu


So, this week we will be having:



Dad’s going to make his standard Sunday night pizzas. 





Lamb Chops, new potatoes and steamed vegetables.


Lamb Chops: I’ll coat the lamb chops is a mint paste and then get my husband to put them on the BBQ or braai as us South Africans call it. 

New potatoes: I’ll cook these in the microwave for 15 minutes or until they are slightly soft and then stick them in the oven with butter and mixed herbs to get the skins brown and tasty. 






One pan chicken and vegetables. I’ve found a post from someone on Facebook who said all they do is put chicken thighs in the oven with the vegetables and cover with foil and cook on 200C for  just under an hour and then uncovered for 30 minutes. 


I’m going to do this with chicken breast pieces though because chicken bones of any sort freak me out. 


I’m going to see how this goes and then pop up a recipe on AllThingsMomSydney. Hold thumbs it works. 



Beef Strips with Rice and Veg. I know it’s not traditional to add rice but we’re having pasta the next night and don’t want to have noodles two nights in a row. 


Teriyaki Beef Strips: I’ll fry up some beef strips. Then fry up some red onion or spring onions, zucchini and red pepper. I’ll add the meat and add some Teriyaki sauce – yet to be discovered or made. 






Chicken pasta. This is a classic recipe from my varsity days. 


I need chicken strips, mushrooms, green pepper, cream, onions, soya sauce and pasta for this recipe. I have almost everything in the fridge for this. 


All you got to do is brown your chicken strips, add your onion and fry that and your green pepper  and mushrooms too. Add 250 mls of chicken stock and cook that down, add your cream and cook that down and finally a few shots of soya sauce. 




Bacon and cheese rolls. I’m actually looking forward to eating this. Yes, it’s simple but surely that’s what a Friday night is all about!? 



Shopping List



For the post on Meal Planning Week 3 just click on the image below and it should take you there. 


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