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Meal Planning Week 2

Meal Planning Week 2

Meal Planning Week 2 better go a whole lot better than week one!


I’m sharing my meal plan adventure – wins and fails with you so that I can hold myself accountable. The blog isn’t really about this type of stuff but I need to try my best to get this to work. I know that if I do it right it will save me time and money. 


I also know that there are a few people who have asked me about this topic so maybe it will help someone else out. 

What happened in Week 1

So last week’s meal planning was abominable. I started out by re-reading the guest post on meal planning.


I should have checked what was in the freezer before setting off to the shops but I didn’t and then go to the shops and couldn’t remember what I had and didn’t have.

Instead of turning around and going home I went through the shops and bought a whole ton of stuff then sat in the car and ate some crisps. 

When I got home I realised nothing I had bought matched what I had at home. I didn’t have any conclusive meals.


You can read the whole post on the AllThingsMomSydney Facebook page. 


I did manage to make a stew which worked out well but then didn’t have anything to go with it. I went with a variation of two stews I found online here and here


Meal Planning Week 2: This week’s plan 


So this week I set out to do better. I didn’t expect to go to the shops so early in the morning but as I was there I decided to just do it. 


I hit the shops and bought based on what I remembered I had in the fridge. Again, I didn’t check the freezer – next week I will do this and I will be successful at meal planning.


This is based on Monday and Thursday being my easy days but late pick up days and two nights of easy dinners / quick meals or a takeaway.


How I'm going to start meal planning

Meal Planning Week 2: The Menu

So, this week we will be having:


Left over stew and sourdough bread. The Kids will be having sausage rolls and peas and corn because that their absolute favourites. 



Bangers and mash.  Thankfully the kids love this so it works for all of us. 



Roast chicken with roast potatoes and veg. This is another meal the kids love, they eat every aspect of it. 



Tomato, bacon and ricotta pasta. I will give the kids pasta with corn, peas and capsicum. 



Chicken wraps (based on the idea that there will be left overs from the roast chicken). I haven’t yet worked out a variation of this for the kids but they may just land up eating it. 


Let’s see if I can actually stick to it. I’ve heard that this is the hard part which is concerning because I’ve already found all the other parts hard. 



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