Lowan Toy Story Oats – a breakfast game changer 

Lowan Toy Story Oats 

My kids absolutely LOVE Lowan Toy Story Oats. Absolutely love it.


The whole grain Strawberry Oats is proudly presented in a bright purple Buzz Lightyear Box. The whole grain Honey Oats comes in a happy yellow Woody Box. With each box containing 8 sachets. 




It’s tasty, healthy and so quick to make. There are no negatives to this product that I can find. I actually approached Lowan and asked whether we could get together to give away some to AllThingsMomSydney readers – that is how much I like this product. 

We have three sets of Lowan Toy Story Oats to give away! 



Lowan Toy Story oats. Delicious, whole grain and easy to make.

Lowan Toy Story Oats has made our mornings a whole lot easier.


Having the two brightly coloured Toy Story boxes in the cupboard means that I have something to give to the kids that will keep them warm in winter, full for their day’s activities (until Morning Tea) and its something they actually want to eat. 

This has eliminated three problems for me which were making mornings harder than they needed to be:

  1. spending ages trying to convince my 5 year old to eat something in the morning (a massive waste of time and really frustrating); 
  2. making a variety of options available to my 2 year old and 5 year old so I can find something they both want to eat; and
  3. plying them with heaps of different types of food in the morning to make sure they are full enough because they are busy, active kids. 

What makes Lowan Toy Story Oats so Cool?

For parents 

As I’ve said, having Lowan Toy Story Oats available has made my mornings much easier. I’ve just started working and if I was to go through the rigmarole of making forty thousand different types of breakfast available I would never get to work before 10am. 

But beyond that, it’s not something random that is just filling them up – its actually good, wholesome food. 

Making Lowan’s Toy Story Oats is also so easy. You can make it in about two minutes either on the stove top or in the microwave. And, you don’t need to dirty three dishes to make it. 

Not only is quick to make but I love the taste and it’s not filled with rubbish additives, artificial colours or preservatives. 


Lowan Toy Story Oats also has a 4.5 Health Star Rating. 


For kids


There are two flavours to choose from – Honey or Strawberry. I have both at home because I like both, the kids like both and alternate between the two. 

The oats box comes decorated with Buzz or Woody from Toy Story, depending on the flavour you choose and has pictures all over the back that you can cut out and make art with. The only issue here is if you have more than one child, you may find them fighting over the cut-out characters. 


Lowan Toy Story Oats, delicious and so easy to make.

What is in Lowan Toy Story Oats 

Both flavours of Oats are made from over 70% of whole grain rolled oats.

In the honey Oats 4% of the ingredients are honey powder and in the Strawberry flavour 4% is strawberry fruit pieces. The rest is milk powder, natural flavour and some sugar. In the Strawberry flavour there is also pectin, wheat fibre and food acid. 

One serve of Lowan Toy Story Oats contributes 46% towards the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council 48g whole grain Daily Target Intake. 

Both the Honey and the Strawberry Oats contain gluten and milk. 


But how does it taste

The short answer. It tastes really really good. 

I can speak to this myself because on the odd morning when I’ve wanted something warm and tasty, I’ve tucked into the kids’ oats. I’ve been caught a few times but then I just pretend I’ve made it for them 🙂

What I really don’t like about a lot of healthy foods is that you can’t stomach eating them for extended periods because they’re not as tasty as the unhealthy alternatives. 

Thankfully, Lowan Toy Story Oats is delicious. 


 Lowan Toy Story Oats - Strawberry and Honey Oats

How to Cook 

All you have to do is empty the contents of the sachet and add water or milk. Bring to the boil on the stove and let simmer for 40 seconds or cook in the microwave for 90 seconds. 


You don’t need any measuring cups or specific fancy baking instruments to get this perfect. The sachet is all you need because you fill it up with water to a designated mark on the sachet. 


Where to find Lowan Toy Story Oats


Lowan Toy Story Oats is currently only available at IGAs. 


The most delicious breakfast for kids and easy to make. Lowan Toy Story Oats.


Lowan Toy Story Oats Giveaway 


As I said above, after I tasted the Oats and saw my kids’ positive reaction to it I asked Lowan if we could give away some of their Oats. Thankfully they said yes. So, we have 3 sets of Lowan Toy Story Oats to go to 3 lucky homes. 


Each set comes with a box of Honey Oats and a box of Strawberry Oats so that your family one can try out both flavours.


This competition is only open to people living in Australia. 


To enter 

All you have to do is comment below on what your child is currently eating for breakfast OR what their favourite breakfast food is. 


Easy as that! 


Just make sure your email address is correct so that we can get hold of you if you win. No one else will be able to see your email address, just AllThingsMomSydney. 


The competition closes midnight AEST Tuesday, 5 September 2017.


Winners will be chosen at random. In entering the competition you agree to AllThingsMomSydney Competition and Giveaway Terms and Conditions.



This Giveaway was sponsored by Lowan. 

While I was given two boxes of Oats to review the views are my own.

I receive loads of requests to review and/or giveaway items but I only choose to write on products the kids and I love and would use of our own accord.  


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19 thoughts on “Lowan Toy Story Oats – a breakfast game changer 

  1. My daughter eats fresh seasonal fruit, chia pudding and a green juice for breakfast…in my [effing] dreams. In reality it’s half a brekkie pouch from Aldi and a mouthful of threats about finishing the other half or no Peppa before bed.

  2. I’ve never given my kids oats, but I’m pretty sure anything with a Buzz Lightyear character on it would make them eat anything. My kid’s favorite breakfast items though are eggs (which I go completely ballistic as she’s allergic to the stuff), hotdogs and cereal. So maybe this is a great alternative to cereals as well. 😀

  3. Confession: I want to try these myself 😂 They look really good and sounds like they have made things a loooot easier for you! We only have one at the moment and for now she’s a pretty good water, but im already looking ahead for things to get us through tougher eating periods. Thank you for introducing me to these cereals! To infinity… And beyond! 😂

  4. My daughters are 3 and 1 and they eat cereal, peanut. Utter toast, and bagels! I am always looking for some new healthy breakfast ideas! Thank u 🙂

  5. I remember as a kid, it was almost as fun to read the box as it was to eat the cereal. The cereal box is just that important. Looks like a fun breakfast to get your little ones through their mornings.

  6. Wow these look really good, and sound delicious as well! What age would you recommend them for? Would my boy be too young? He eats weetbix and our regular muesli/cereal…?

  7. Oh those sound yummy! Anything to make it easier for my littles to eat in the morning is perfect ❤️❤️

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