A guide to picnics in Sydney - how about a picnic at Little Manly Point

Little Manly Point – Perfect for a Picnic

Little Manly Point Picnic 

We’ve spent a lot of time in the Little Manly Point area but generally to go to the beach. 

On this particular day, we’d been for a walk around North Head, doing the Fairfax walk and needed somewhere to sit down to enjoy our picnic.

Even on its own, a picnic at Little Manly Point would have made it a great Sunday. 


Where is Little Manly Point




Little Manly Point is on the South side of manly, just East of where the Ferry drops you off in Manly.


Little Manly Point is the bit of land that juts out between Little Manly Beach and Collins Beach.


There isn’t any official address but the entrance to the Reserve is at the end of Stuart Street. The nearest intersection is Stuart Street and Carey Street.





There is a council car park just beyond the entrance to the Reserve or you could park along Stuart. 


Where to picnic at Little Manly Point


There are a few areas where you can picnic at Little Manly Point. Thankfully it is quite a big area so even if there are other families there you should have plenty of space to do our own thing. 


It’s best to have to points in mind because there are sometimes weddings at Little Manly Point. I’ve only read this online though and have never seen a wedding being held there. 


1. To the left of the car park is an open piece of grass.


To the left of the car park is a big piece of open grass. If you keep on walking you’ll find yourself going down the steep steep hill to Little Manly Beach. If you haven’t visited Little Manly you really should, it’s the most gorgeous beach, especially if you’ve got kids.


This is a great space but it’s closer to the road than the other spots and you are a little far away from the playground. 



2. Overlooking the playground


We were initially going to set up here but I couldn’t gurantee that the kids would stay at eat with the playground beckoning them.


This is a lovely patch to set up but the views aren’t as good because there are trees surrounding the area so you can’t see the beach or the water really. 


The other concern is that on the other side of the playground there is a cement retaining wall and the fall from the wall to the ground is quite high. I would be a little worried about my kids getting close to this area. 




3. Beyond the playground with the water views


If you head past the playground you’ll find some stone stairs which will take you to a big open area. At the far end there is some sort of big metal structure and some great trees for climbing.


There is shade along the perimeter from the trees but the middle is all open and exposed to the sun. 


Depending on where you choose to sit you can see Little Manly beach on your right and Collins Beach to the left.  When we were visiting there were some people fishing off the walkway below Little Manly Point.


We opted for option 3 and were the only people there on a gorgeous Sunday. This space is just perfect and quiet. 



Café, Coffee and Toilets Nearby


There nearest coffee is the café at Little Manly Beach at the Little Manly Beach Kiosk which does a fantastic bacon and egg roll too.  


Little Manly Beach is also where you’ll find the closest toilets.



Interesting to know


Little Manly Point wasn’t always this picturesque. A couple of years ago it was Manly Gasworks. Maybe that metal structure is a throw back to those days. 


If you’re in the Manly Area and looking for other things to do you could try one of the following. 


The closest thing to do is have a swim or a play at Little Manly Beach. It’s one of our favourite beaches. 


Take the Fairfax Walk around North Head.

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