Last Minute Father’s Day in Sydney Plans 2017

Last Minute Father’s Day Plans 2017


Father’s Day in Sydney – there must be a thousand different things to do but often you have to plan in advance and book way ahead. Have you perhaps left it too late to plan something or literally forgotten?

Here’s a quick list of things you can do for Father’s Day in Sydney. Best of all they’re not the over-the-top expensive ideas. They are literally things you can do everyday of the week but with dad at home over the weekend why not make the most of it and spend quality time together.



8 Father’s Day in Sydney last minute plans 


Not sure what to do with dad tomorrow? The weather in Sydney is going to be amazing just a little windy so why not get out the house and head off on one of these activities.


1  Head off to North head Manly for the most gorgeous walk.  

This is a magnificent walk and its easy to do with kids.

All the information you need is at:


2 Take the ferry to Watsons Bay


Watson’s Bay is awesome, whether you’re a tourist or a local the trip over is stunning and when you get there you can spend all day having fun together. You can swim or take a walk or just have fish and chips. There is a great walk that you can do around the South Head. All the information is up on the site.


All the information you need is at Taking the Ferry to Watsons Bay

last minute ideas for father's day in sydney 2017

3 Head up to Palm Beach

You can treat dad to breakfast or brunch at the Boathouse or take a walk to the lighthouse or just spend the day on the beach.




4 Go to the beach

Yes, the beach. It’s meant to be hot.

With forecasted wind Clontarf or Shelley Beach may be good because both of blocked off from the wind to some degree.



5  Take a walk around the Grounds


It’s a perfect place to keep the kids entertained and you can grab a coffee and a sweet treat or lunch to treat dad.

For all the information check out: Visiting the Grounds With Kids


The Grounds of Alexandria with Kids is suitable for kids

6  Explore the Maritime Museum together

You can climb on and through the ships.

All the information is at Australian National Maritime Museum.



7  Cycle together through Centennial Parklands

There is an awesome spot in the Parklands called Fearnley Grounds and you can ride together, have a play at the playground and grab a coffee at the nearby coffeeshop.


Cycle around Fearnley Grounds at Centennial Parklands


8  Have a picnic overlooking Lake Belvedere at Sydney Olympic Park


This is a lovely space out at Sydney Olympic Park and it’s completely serene.


You can find more information at the post about our pram walk around Lake Belvedere.


If that’s too far out for you, try a picnic at Davidson Park in Forestville, it’s so beautiful, you feel completely far away from Sydney.

I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day in Sydney!! 


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