It’s only 8:47am and… 

It’s only 8:47am and… 

How is it only 8:47am and not 8:47pm?


  1. I’ve saved a dummy from the dustbin. Thank goodness it was the recycling bin and not the actual rubbish bin.
  2. Made pancakes because my son will not eat any other yukky thing. And then had to dissuade him from assisting me.
  3. Removed a hairbrush covered in syrup from the baby. 

  4. Had ‘ready steady wiggle’ stuck in my head.
  5. Experienced the beautiful aroma of a poo nappy.
  6. Lost and found the tv remote. 

  7. Stopped a slapping fight between our 3 year old and 1 year old.
  8. Had a food fight with said 1 year old (where I try feed and she just fights).
  9. Asked my kids not to jump on the couch or the bed or the toy box.
  10. Read the same story a million times. Except it’s not a story, it’s a picture book with one word per page. How is it only 8:47am!?
  11. Debated whether Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is age appropriate for a 3 year old. With a 3 year old. 

  12. Tidied up the same baking ingredients my daughter pulls out the cupboard hourly. As if the couch and dustbin are still secret hiding spots.
  13. Umpired a dummy (pacifier) argument. 

  14. Heard ‘look mummy, look mummy, look mummy, ah you missed it mummy’ a few times.


What the rest of the day holds is just too much to process right now. Hope you have a good day!! 

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