I reckon this day is out to get me

This day is out to get me! 

It started well…

This day is out to get me. I should have know it started too well. Both children slept through the night. In their own beds. Unthinkable. I should have known that would lead to no good.

I got tea in bed from my husband which was awesome. Although tea in bed is an indicator to get out of bed before the littlest remembers how to turn on the TV.

I was doing well 

I managed to get the first load on washing in before feeding the kids breakfast. Even made it to the shower without everyone screaming. Things were going well. It looked like we may even get to our playdate on time.

Enter the misery


Then I stepped out of the shower and into misery. Things changed quickly!

  1. First up the 4 year old refused to get dressed.
  2. Then the 1 year old has a melt down. No item of clothing she’s wearing has Elsa on! This is unthinkable.
  3. Toothbrushing was a nightmare. I think they think brushing  their teeth is a punishment.
  4. We proceeded to leave the house with only 1 child wearing shoes. We are clearly in caveman mode today. 

  5. After what felt like an eternity, we got to the play date. Upon arrival my 4 year old wet his pants. And underpants. From excitement. I came very close to putting him in his sister’s pants before remembering that our car doubles as a wardrobe.
  6. Upon leaving the play date my 4 year old finds a piece of bark. Bark = treasure. I accidentally break the bark. Needless to say, I then spend 30 minutes walking around the car to find a replacement piece of bark that matches all requirements. Who knew not all bark looks alike! Its at this point that I felt the day may be out to get me!
  7. Both kids screamed the whole way home from the play date.
  8. Of course it started to rain. Afternoon activity was cancelled. Brought out the crafts. I hate crafts.

  9. Glorious, my 1 year old discovered glue. She glued paper to my knee, glued her shirt together and jammed the scissors in the glue. Consequence = glue is confiscated.
  10. The 4 year old then threatened to cut 1 year olds hair. 1 year old got distraught and cried for 2 hours. The crying only stopped when she stole lego from her brother. But it started again when he realised his lego was gone and pulled her hair. It was now clear that this day was out to get me!
  11. 4 year old then got completely naked for no reason and wouldn’t put his clothes back on. He also insisted that we go for a naked walk. A naked walk. Are you kidding me!

  12. As if the proposal of a walk wasn’t enough, the 4 year old needed a serious sit down discussion on: “why people always say you’ve done well even when what you’ve done isn’t that good”. Are you kidding me, my brain ran out of brain juice 4 hours ago.
  13. Naturally, I forgot to put the kids’ dinner in the oven while chasing naked 4 year old and crying 1 year old.
  14. I pulled out a ready made meal which they hated. Got a second dinner going, not as bad but still worth crying over. In between tears, the request for desert was denied. Worst day ever.

Thank goodness my husband came home and the kids went to bed (after an awful bath ☺️).


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