How to get the most out of your Scenic World experience – the suggested itinerary

A suggested itinerary to get the most out of your day at Scenic World

When there is so much to do, it is hard to fit it in unless you know how to go about it. We’ve been to Scenic World a few times now so we have developed a set routine as to what we do when we go.

This itinerary is based on an early arrival and having to stop a few times during the day for bathroom breaks and food. If you have little kids you’ll understand.

Suggested Itinerary 

  1. Head out on the Skyway.
  2. Take a walk to the Katoomba Falls Lookout or Echo Point Lookout (skip this step if you arrive after 11am – you wont have enough time)
  3. Return to the Visitor’s centre by the Skyway.
  4. Grab coffee and snack at the Cafe
  5. Go down the mountain on the Railway
  6. Explore the miner’s station by walking from the Railway exit to where you can see the Cableway then turn around and walk back.
  7. Go back up the mountain by Railway.
  8. Have lunch at the restaurant.
  9. After lunch has settled go down the mountain the Cableway.
  10. Take a brief walk into the Valley (the return of the walk will be uphill).
  11. Come back up the mountain by Cableway.
  12. Hit the gift shop and get some cute koala key rings for gifts.


I hope you get to see and do everything and have a wonderful time. Don’t forget to take the camera to capture the amazing views and special moments.


If you’re heading out to Scenic World, I would advise you to buy tickets online so as to avoid getting there and finding that they have all sold out. I have seen this happen to a few people and would hate for this to happen to you. You can buy tickets from Scenic World’s website


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