Harbourside Markets, Coffs Harbour

Harbourside Markets in Coffs Harbour 

On a Sunday in Coffs Harbour you can find the Harbourside Markets on the grassy patch between the Marina and the Jetty.


There were a couple of food stalls – from healthy food to Thai to Hamburgers, lots of amazing fresh produce and unique gifts and souvenirs of your time at Coffs Harbour.

Where are the Harbourside Markets


If you set your GPS for the Marina you will find the Markets with the stalls on the right hand side of the road before you enter the Marina. The parking is over on the left hand side.


Harbourside Markets in Coffs Harbour

I think we chose a bad day to visit as the wind was howling and rain was threatening but the local stall holders were still in high spirits.


What’s available at the Harbourside Markets


Food stalls 

As soon as we arrived I needed coffee. Thankfully set off from the markets I found a food truck that served hot drinks and accepted cards. You actually can’t miss the truck in question, it is painted with big red polka dots. While the coffee is enough to visit it makes the most DELICIOUS dough balls of deliciousness.

They’re called mini pancakes and while they taste like pancakes they’re little round balls covered in butter sugar and topped with syrup or honey.


You can also choose to have M’nMs or strawberries or ice-cream but the plain ones for $5 are amazing as is.

Harbourside Markets Mini Pancakes



There are lots of handmade products to discover:

  • handmade beads
  • soaps,
  • lotions and potions, and children’s toys.


It will take you a long time to get through each market stall as the locals are lovely and up for a chat if you are.


I was drawn to the gorgeous cut flowers on display. Magnificent king proteas and pin cushions proteas and some others than I am not familiar with. They are locally grown and for $15 you can get a bouquet which you wont find elsewhere.


harbourside markets coffs harbour

Fresh Produce

The fresh produce that was on offer at the market was incredible. I can’t get past how much was available, the prices and the quality. If you’re in Coffs Harbour and not used to experiencing fresh produce – go down and get some. The quality is  better than Woolies or Coles and you will probably find it cheaper too. I loved being able to show the kids where sugar comes from and how corn comes all covered up.

There was live music playing, two chess sets arranged for people to play, hula hoops lain on the grass for children to play with.


When are the Harbourside Markets


The markets run from 8am – 2pm on a Sunday.


You can find more info on the Coff’s Coast App (The Coffs Coast Website) or online at www.harboursidemarkets.com.au


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