Golden Ridge Animal Farm, Dural

Golden Ridge Animal Farm

One sunny Winter morning we trotted off to Dural to visit the Golden Ridge Animal Farm. For $15 per child and adult I was dubious it would be worth it but it definitely was.  Even in light of one child crying hysterically every time an animal came close or so much as looked at her.


Golden Ridge
Golden Ridge

Getting to Golden Ridge Animal Farm

Now the address I got off the website and put into the GPS did not work for me but it could be my GPS  the place was only a couple of hundred meters down the road maybe a bit more but driving at 10kms an hour and indicating to turn with cars backing up behind me made it felt like an eon.


The address in question was 686 Old Northern Rd, Dural NSW 2158 so you could still use that address but the entrance is actually off Wyoming Road.


Actually, the best address to use is the corner of Old Northern Road and Wyoming Road that way you will not miss it.

Golden Ridge
Where is Golden Ridge

Visiting Golden Ridge – Upon Arrival 



When we finally arrived at the Farm after all my awesome indicating we were asked to wait outside the front gate until our start time arrived. The way the Farm visits operate is that there are set start times 10:30 during the week and 11am on weekends and public holidays. You have to arrive 15 minutes before the time start.


Thankfully there is an enclosure with some turkeys to keep the children distracted while you wait.


From there we were shown to where we had to pay. There is then a brief orientation and explanation of the route, which I will explain below.


There are some resident dogs that roam about the property – they seem harmless but their presence was enough to freak out my little one. We also saw a cat which made an appearance much to delight of my little one, as long as it didn’t get too close.


Visiting Golden Ridge – What you get to see and do


First you get to feed the animals in the pens

There are four different types of enclosures where you can feed the animals:

  1. Some big pigs, maybe the biggest pigs I’ve ever seen in my life.
  2. You will be shown a number of enclosures with goats, sheep, a Llama and an Alpaca (I think). This is where most of the food you have will be used.
  3. Donkeys, ponies and what I think may be really large sheep (really really large sheep).
  4. Deer


Golden Ridge


Visiting the Open Paddock


This is such a lovely area. The kids are allowed to walk in amongst the little goats, sheep and deer.


It is so sweet to watch the kids be gentle and loving with the animals.


The kids must remember to leave their food buckets outside otherwise they will be swamped by greedy animals.


Golden Ridge Animal Farm Animals


Back in the Barn

Back in the barn is where things get really magical. Here the kids get to:

  1. Milk a cow.
  2. Bottle feed little lambs.
  3. Hold chickens, ducks and bunnies.



Thankfully this is all under supervision and with very clear guidelines.


There are also opportunities for pony riding at an additional cost of $5.

Golden Ridge Animal Farm where kids can hold animals

The Staff are fantastic 

There was one lovely young lady (yes, I realise I sounded like a granny right there) who walked around with us and she was great.  When we went back inside for the animal handling we were joined by another woman and between the two of them they looked after the kids and made sure that the kids knew how to hold the animals and handle them properly. Both women were extremely attentive and patient.


Golden Ridge Facilities


The bathrooms are nicely painted and very neat and there is a washing hand station that is perfect for the kids.

After our very busy morning and at around 11:45 or so we went back outside to have a picnic. There are picnic tables and benches in the parking area. It doesn’t sound fantastic but it is perfectly fine as long as you keep the kids close as there may be cars coming and going.


There isn’t food for sale during the week so be sure to pack your own.


Booking and Opening Hours


You have to book in order to visit and in order to book, you have to check out their website. From my reading of the website I understood that you had to book online but after speaking to a few moms also visiting the farm, you can just phone. The website is accessible here (as at August 2016) and the phone number is 02 9651-1028.


I booked online the day we visited but that was super stressful as I didn’t know whether we would get a booking or not.


In future I will either a) book in advance online or b) phone and book.



It is $15 for adults and children alike and $5 for a bucket of feed. If there are more than 6 of you a free bucket of food may come your way.



 Preparing for your visit:


  1. Take jerseys or jackets. It is quiet cold inside, although we went on a warm day we were still cold inside.

  2. Wear gumboots / wellingtons or old shoes. There is a lot of mud or cow poo, not really sure but the smell makes me think the latter.

  3. Take a picnic or some food as the Kiosk selling coffee is only open on the weekends.

  4. You will have to take cash as they do not accept cards or anything. Take extra in case you knock over a bucket of food or a goat steals it all.

  5. Arrive early.




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