Gifts for 5 year old boys 

Gifts for 5 year old boys 

It’s hard to get perfect gifts for 5 year old boys. It’s because they think they are so much bigger, smarter and mature than they really are. I’m not affiliated to or with any of the ideas in this post, they are just items that my son does love. 

While they need something that they think is suitable for ‘big boys’ it needs to be something that the parents deem suitable. It’s a difficult balancing act. 


This is a post to help you find gifts for 5 year old boys regardless of your budget and regardless of the occasion. There should be something here for every situation. 


Gifts for 5 year old boys 

Great gifts for 5 year old boys 



1. The Grip A Ball

The Grip A Ball is fantastic because it helps with all those catching skills without babying them too much. The original details for around $15 and you can get it online at various places but you can get a cheaper version for $5 from discount stores.  


2. A Press and Shout Ninja Turtle 

A press and shout Ninja Turtle. I can confirm that the phrases aren’t too aggressive. I don’t even let my kids watch the show but my son loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all the same. 


3. Transformers

Transformer are great for kids of this age. The most important thing at this age is that they must transform – not all of them do.


There are various sizes and brands so make sure you read the box carefully to see how easy or difficult it is to transform.  You will be able to tell how easy or difficult it is by the number of steps it takes. 8 steps is about the maximum for 5 to 6 year olds. 



Gifts for 5 year old boys -  

4. Power Tools 


Power Tools. You heard me right. Power tools are a great gifts for 5 year old boys and with the amazing replicas made by Black and Decker and Bosch they look so lifelike. 


5. School Readiness Gifts 

School is looming for these little people. Although I bet it feels like just yesterday that they were born. This is the year to get them gifts that help them get ready for school. There are a heap of things that you can get them but top of my list is:


  1. A new school lunchbox with their favourite character. 
  2. Books or sheets that allow them to draw or trace shapes, numbers and letters. This will help them with their pen/cil holding skills and also get a feel for the shapes, numbers and letters. It really great practice. 
  3. A new backpack with their favourite character on. 
  4. One of those really smart water bottles, either one that is insulated to keep water cool or a camelbak one. 

6. Walkie Talkies


Walkie talkies are so much fun and around 5 (or even late 4s) the kids can really understand how to use them. 


There are different categories of Walkie Talkies, there are the colourful fun Disney or Marvel ones you can get that are perfect or if you want something that has longer range and different channels you can get some from a camping store but there are considerably more expensive. 


It's hard to get perfect gifts for 5 year old boys. It's because they think they are so much bigger, smarter and mature than they really are. I'm not affiliated to or with any of the ideas in this post, they are just items that my son does love. 


7. A Bike

A bicycle. Now is the time that the kids want to get on bikes and get riding, it’s so sweet to watch them as a gang all cycling around on the little bikes in their little helmets. 


8. Hot Wheels Tracks

Hot Wheels has created track pieces that can clip together. You can use the various sets to make one awesome track. Our three favourite parts of the Hot Wheels Tracks are

  1. The one with the loop.
  2. There is a set that comes with the two lifts, this in itself is an awesome main gift for a little boy.
  3. The track which you can attach to any surface with a plastic “bolt” type thing. 


Gifts for 5 year old boys 


9. Science Kits


5 year olds are a very curious bunch but curious about causes and reactions. They love to watch how things change or develop. I think this is the reason they love lego and building. They also love the ability to have control the way things change. For that reason science kits are a great gift for 5 year old boys. We have tried various science kits, including: 


  1. Making crystals from liquid. 
  2. Solar powered transformers. 


10. Story CDs


Most 5 year olds are starting to become far too cool for school. Can you believe it happens so soon. They think they are such big kids, far too big to listen to little kids sing-a-long songs. Granted, when they’re not feeling too big for their boots they still do like a sing-a-long. 


My 5 year old loves listening to the Disney or Pixar movies in CD form. 


These are actually a life saver if you have to go anywhere 20 minutes away in the car because it means that my 5 year old is completely entertained. We have Cars, all 3 Toy Stories and Up! 



11. Sports Equipment


We’ve had a few sporting presents over the years but it has all been for fun. There has been no sense of real purpose. This year is the start of understanding and excitement about the prospects of using the sports equipment with intention. Some great ideas are a soccer ball, baseball bat or cricket bat.


For a bigger present you could gift  sports equipment with a sports lesson or club membership. This is what my son got from his grandparents this year and is so super excited about it all. 



If you’re got any suggestions on gifts for this age bracket, please let me know, I’ve got so many parties to go to that I’m running out of ideas and would love the help!! 

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