Life lessons courtesy of Frozen

Life Lessons

I’ve watched A LOT of Frozen this week.


My 18 month old is sick. For some reason, before she even knew the movie existed she loved Anna. She would run into target and grab everything with a picture of Anna on. And then she discovered the movie…


Needless to say, with a vocabulary less than 100 words: Anna is one of those words.


And then she discovered the movie. It’s one of her absolutely Favourite things in the world and when she’s sick she loves sitting on me and watching Anna.


Not even the temptation of playing on the iPhone while I’m trying to use it can distract her.


Truth be told, there are quite a few life lessons in Frozen


So now that I’ve watched it countless times I’ve started noticing a few things I like about it (one is not the theme song, I’ve heard that too many times to appreciate it).


Life Lesson 1: True love takes various forms.

Love exists in a number of different forms, including the love between siblings.

The bond between children is so beautiful and a relationship to be promoted at every opportunity. This has to be my favourite moment of all animated movies, when the sister saves the other!


A side note to this is – when desperate and down and out thinking about a lack of love, for whatever reason, look to where love does exist in your life.


Life Lesson 2: No one has everything.

Just because someone looks beautiful, seems to have everything doesn’t mean that they haven’t been through a lot. Look at Elsa, she’s a looker, a princess and become the Queen, she also seems to be a great gal despite the mini problem she has of freezing things but when you look beyond what you see on the outside you realize she’s lost her parents, had to grow up without them and has this sole destroying secret. You never know what hardships the people you pass in the street or get annoyed with in the traffic are going through or have been through.


Life Lesson 3: Emotions can destroy you.

Yes, you must feel, yes you must teach your kids to express their emotions but there is a line between feeling and letting those emotions control you. We must learn to feel, deal and then let go.

Life Lesson 4: Theory differs from reality

Somethings we think we may love are great in theory but terrible in reality. Take my new friend Olaf, all he wants is to experience Summer but Olaf is a snowman so no guessing how badly that would work out.

Life Lesson 5: Mr perfect isn’t Mr Right.


Just because he’s good looking, suave, humorous and a Prince doesn’t mean he is right for you. Granted Hans has a awful personality. You may just be better suited to the guys who smells, rides a reindeer and sells ice for a living.

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