Flo Saline

A great saline solution for adults and kids

Sick kids 

Saline Solution is a must have in your medicine cabinet. If you’ve read any of my posts on babies and especially unwell little babies (see What to buy when you’re expecting: SICK BABIES and what we keep in our medicine chest ) you’ll know that I am a proponent of saline nasal spray.

There is really nothing worse than a sick baby or toddler so you want to be prepared and make sure you know what you need in advance.

 Flo Saline Solution  

Knowing what to trust 

There is so much on the market for kids that says that it is “natural” or “alcohol free” or “safe to use on babies”. Sadly this isn’t always true of whats in the box. It often turns out it isn’t good. To be honest, you never can be truly safe unless you have

  • you’ve gotten a suggestion from someone you trust AND
  • read the ingredients yourself on the box or the bottle, word for word.

What is Saline Solution

Saline Nasal spray is what you use to help flush out your little one’s nose. It is natural and safe. It is not like  putting anything in their nose that is too strong or will damage the fine lining in their nose. Unfortunately I have made the mistake of putting something too strong in my little one’s nose. That was even under doctor’s orders and it made his nose bleed, badly. I felt like the world’s worst mom. 

When to use Saline Solution 

There are a few instances in which you would need to use Saline. Most notably when they have an infection or blocked nose. In this circumstance you need to get the irritants out by blowing / sucking their nose out every couple of hours. 

I have used Flo on both my kids without any problems. Initially we started out with the baby version and then moved onto the kids version. 

What’s is so good about Flo Saline Solution

The beauty about the Flo baby and kids products for me are:

  • It doesn’t sting. I’ve tried it on myself and my 4 year old would scream if it did so much as tickle his nose too hard.
  • Flo is free from preservatives.
  • There is no medication in Flo.
  • It has no alcohol.
  • Flo is a gentle spray into the nose. Some other products nearly knock you out they spray so hard.


I don’t know who recommended Flo Saline Nasal spray to me but I have been using it for 4 years. I have a bottle of it in the medicine cupboard at all times because with kids when they get sick it escalates very quickly.

What other Flo Saline Solutions are there?

Until recently I didn’t realise that there were products for adults. Thanks to a small delivery from ENT technologies the geniuses behind Flo I now know better. After travelling overseas I used Flo Travel and it was fantastic. Not only did it help with the flight but also after the flight during the first few days when full of jet lag and exhaustion I started getting sick. Instead of resorting to medicated nasal spray which I would ordinarily do I tried the Flo Travel first and it was fantastic. Two days worth of a single daily spray and I felt a whole lot better. 

Out of the Flo products on the market I have used the Baby Saline Drops (which I struggled with for some reason – my daughter was just not keen on using them) Baby Saline Spray, Kids Saline Spray and Flo Travel.

I highly recommend Flo Saline solutions.

To see what other Flo offerings there are check out the Flo website 

 flo saline solutions for the family  

Where can I buy Flo Saline?

I’ve found that most local pharmacies and chemists stock Flo.

If you’re at a loss you can just go onto the  where to buy section of the Ent tech website and perform a search for your closest stockist.



I was sent some FLO saline in return for this post but have used this product numerous times over the last 4 years. I continue to buy it myself. 

All views and opinions expressed are my own. 


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