Fisherman’s Beach, Collaroy

Fisherman’s Beach, Collaroy

Fisherman’s Beach is so much fun for kids and has so much to explore. 

Now I don’t generally write about beaches in the winter or if I do, I only publish the posts in Spring and Summer. Fisherman’s Beach is different though. It is great to visit in Winter or in the warmer months. 



fisherman's beach collaroy

Where is Fisherman’s Beach

Location and Address 

Fisherman’s Beach is Collaroy, one of Sydney’s Northern Beaches suburbs. It’s just North of Dee Why. In fact Fishermans Beach is along the headland that separates Collaroy and Dee Why. 


To get to Fisherman’s Beach you will head for Long Reef Headland and drive through the Collaroy Golf Course. 

 Fisherman's Beach Collaroy 

 fisherman's beach, collaroy  



There is parking along the beach and also up on the headland. Just be sure to avoid parking the Golf Course parking bays, you may get into trouble for that. 


What’s at Fisherman’s Beach

Beach Walks

The beach extends for 500m so there is a lot of distance to cover. The views are magnificent and on a clear day you can see all the way to the Palm Beach headland. 


You can walk along the beach itself or up top along the pathway. There are lots of things to pick up along the walk including shells and rocks. My son loves picking up washed bits of glass that have been rounded. There are boats to pass and sea gulls to chase.


We stick to the long strip of beach that runs from the Golf Course Clubhouse to the Reef but you can walk up to the point. You could walk round a portion of the point but you must be careful of the waves and be sure not to swim there.  



Exploring the Reef

The best part of visiting Fisherman’s Beach in Winter has to be checking out the reef. As the tide goes out the reef creates all sorts of rock pools. You can spend ages checking out the rock pools and exploring the reef. The last time we visited we saw crabs, fish and star fish.


Just be careful when you are walking on the rocks as they are pretty slippery. 


The resident pelicans 


There are three or four resident pelicans that live in the area. They’re often in the water, on top of the lamp posts or chilling on the boat ramp nearest to the Golf Club Clubhouse. 


The three or four pelicans are extremely relaxed and you can stand quite close to them. Just remember not to touch them or try get too close as they will bite. 


If you’re really lucky you’ll get to watch the Pelicans being feed by the local volunteers. This happens late morning on the weekends. my kids loved watching this and my two year old even wanted her own turn. 


Fisherman’s Beach Facilities


There are a few coffee shops nearby if you want to get a take away for your walk. You may also want to stop and use the bathrooms wherever you get coffee because there are no public toilets in the area. 


The nearest playground is back up towards Pittwater Road, between the tennis courts and the road. 

Visiting Fisherman’s Beach in Summer

If you’re planning on visiting in the Summer months be sure to take your swimming gear or better yet, snorkelling kit as it forms part of an aquatic reserve. As you can imagine from the name, this area is also great for fishing. 


Don’t be put off by the brownish tint of the water it’s from the erosion of clay and shale of the headland by the water. 


The beach is not patrolled and the water gets deep quite quickly so just be careful when you swim. 




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