Fire Station Open Day in New South Wales

Fire Station Open Day 2016 was such fun that you have to try it for yourself.

Last year we stumbled across the fire station open day. We spent the morning at a fire station with my 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’m going to share the details of the Fire Station Open day with you so that you can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.


Fire Station Open Day 2017 is on Saturday, 20 May from 10am to 2pm

fire station open day 2016

What is Fire Station Open Day


Fire Station Open Day is an initiative from the NSW Fire and Rescue Department.

I gather the point of the Open Day is to promote Fire Safety and create awareness around the topic. It also goes a long way to promote communities relationships with the fire station and the brave men and women working there.


What happens at the Fire Station Open Day


Essentially you get a chance to explore the Fire Trucks and meet firemen and firewoman.

If you’re one of the first families you could even get a surprise gift from Lego who is a proud supporter of the event. Last year my son got a Lego City lego which made his day.

The kids also got helmets and mom got a spatula with a warning about cooking over an open flame. Lucky mom!

At the fire station we visited they were also holding a sausage sizzle. It was a completely family friendly community environment.


fire station open day NSW

Where is Fire Station Open Day

There are a number of fire stations that are open across New South Wales. The easiest way to find the one closest to you is to go to the Fire and Rescue Department’s Website and put in your postal code.


This year it is on Saturday, 20 May from 10am to 2pm


How to do Fire Station Open Day

  1. Get there early. 80 000 people attend the fire station open day across the State. There was a long queue by the time we arrived just before 10am last year.
  2. Take some cash with you for donations or the sausage sizzle.
  3. Take a picnic blanket in the boot in case your fire station has a sausage sizzle going and you bump into families you know.
  4. Make sure to charge your phone or take a camera. The kids are allowed on all the trucks and they look so cute!
  5. If your kids are old enough to climb on the fire engines make sure that they are wearing suitable shoes because you don’t want them falling and hurting themselves.


fire station open day in new south wales

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