End of year Presents for Teachers (that don’t include an apple or a mug) 

Presents for Teachers

Presents for teachers is one of those things that can take a lot of time and energy. You want it to be good. After all, these are the people who look after your most prized possession. These are the people shaping the minds of our children.


Past Presents for Teachers

Two years ago I put together a hamper for all the teachers at my son’s day care to share out.  It included:

  • a packet of home made biscuits for each one with a note on it,
  • a Christmas bauble or little reindeer,
  • kitchen tea towels and
  • some chocolates.

I wrapped it up in cellophane and got my son to take it in on his last day of day care. I like to think that this was a good idea but here are some ideas I’ve put together for this year.


The gift was so well received that I  put together a similar hamper last year. This time I threw in a few school books for the various classes and some boxes of chocolates.


Remember its not necessarily a Christmas present

I would generally refer to these as Christmas presents for teachers but as I recently remembered not all teachers will be celebrating Christmas. Just be sure to bear this in mind.


The List of Presents for Teachers


  1. A gift card. From as many parents as possible is a sure win. I’ve got this on good advise from a number of teachers. This waythey get to choose the gift ultimately. Also, this will most likely be a bigger amount that you would give them as a single family. I always prefer giving vouchers to centers or malls so that the teacher has a variety of choices.
  2. A Willow Tree figurine. The Love of Learning one is perfect. You can find it at various online stores and at David Jones. For specifics about the figurine check out the Willow Tree website   
  3. Pashmina or scarf. For most of us we see those people almost every day. Granted I’m generally very distracted by at least one of my own children. But we know what they look like and the types of clothes they wear so a scarf may be a good idea. You can supplement it if necessary with something more generic like a box of chocolates.
  4. Stationery. Stationery seems to have been overlooked for the last 10 years but I think it’s making a comeback. You can either go with some expensive stationery  or some personalised stationery. I would look at getting either a note pad, cards and envelops, stickers or a diary for the following year. All of the below are from Kikki.K online.  end of year presents
  5. A salad or fruit bowl with biscuits in. I would go with something really simple and classic so that you know it won’t clash with their decor at home.
  6. A simple but lovely tote bag. With all the stuff teachers are carrying around a simple yet sturdy tote bag may be handy. It could be lovely if you got a plain coloured bag which would match anything they are wearing. Maybe have their  initials embroidered on the bag to make it special. Check out these stunning ones I found from LL Bean    personalised totes as presents for teachers
  7. Alcohol. It’s sometimes hard to tell if a teacher does drink alcohol but if they do a nice bottle of wine surely wouldn’t go amiss.
  8. A fingerprint tree. This comes with the whole class’ thumbprints on. I found this gorgeous fingerprint tree on Etsy where you can buy a downloadable file for $15 or a printed tree with frame for $25. fingerprint tree from Etsy
  9. Lunch box anyone. You always associate lunch boxes with kids but I’m sure teachers take in their own drinks and snacks. So why not get a good looking one for your teacher and then add some nice treats. One of those ones that keeps things cool would be great with some chocolate or fancy glass bottled water (that fancy European stuff that looks like it costs a fortune so people always reuse the bottles – that one).
  10. Personalised key ring. There are a lot of personalized options that you can go with but it’s hard knowing what someone you don’t know that well may like. Something that would most likely be put to good use is this key ring I found on from Eternity Designs Dria on Etsy which has a special quote and the teacher’s name on it which is a nice combination.

presents for teachers


“Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.”

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