Creating Christmas Traditions – 18 ideas to get the ball rolling 

Creating Christmas Traditions 

Our family

Over the years my mom and dad created a set of traditions that we would follow without fail. Every year Christmas Day would be the same. I just loved it and I still do. I’ve also tried to maintain these Christmas traditions with my own kids.


The Commercial Reality

But with the shops creating Christmas cheer from November there is no reason why the traditions can’t start earlier on.


While it is borderline ridiculous how the shapes and retailers hype up the commercial side of Christmas it does create a festive environment.


You can use the early start of Christmas decorations to help you start building memories earlier on in the lead up to Christmas.


18 Christmas Traditions 


  1. Decorate the Tree. Take some time out together and decorate the tree as a family.
  2. Drawings. Get the kids to do a drawing and turn it into a family Christmas newsletter.  creating christmas traditions
  3. Donate. Christmas is a time of giving and there is no better time to teach your children to find joy in this. Select a few toys with your kids and donate them to charity.
  4. Get an Advent Calendar. Advent calendars have become very popular. Generally it’s only the chocolate ones that you can find in the shops but if you look you may find an alternative. As children we had a fabric one that had a felt heart that attached to each day.
  5. Attend a carols concert. Better yet, take a picnic blanket and spend quality time together.  creating special christmas traditions

  6. Kid’s Christmas Cards. Get the kids to write Christmas cards for their grandparents or friends. They don’t need to be old enough to write – they could just draw some lovely pictures.
  7. A special Christmas decoration. Take the children to chose 1 Christmas decoration at the shops and then keep it somewhere special until it comes time to decorate the tree.
  8. Game night. In the week leading up to Christmas try a few nights without any screentime. Turn the tv off and have a game night with carols in the background.
  9. Watch Christmas Movies. We’ve only just started doing this as we’ve discovered Netflix and Stan. Around Christmas here are quite a few movies on each which you can watch.  

    christmas traditions - creating special memories

  10. Make a Christmas wreath together.
  11. Make a gingerbread house. If the thought of making your own gingerbread is too daunting get a ready made house from a bakery and decorate it. If you can’t find a place to get a gingerbread house or it’s too expensive (which is most likely the case) then you can make gingerbread stars or shortbread shapes.   baking together as a christmas tradition
  12. Christmas Books. Read Christmas books together in the lead up to Christmas.
  13. Choose a Christmas Tree. Take the kids to choose a Christmas tree. That smell of fresh Christmas trees is just intoxicating and one of my favourite things to do. The first time we took our son, he was completely mesmerized by the fact that there are so many trees.   18 christmas traditions
  14. Create a Christmas Eve Box. This can be opened on Christmas Eve morning. You can include a Christmas story book, a new set of pajamas, a Christmas decoration, biscuits for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer.
  15. Elf on the Shelf. Bring out an Elf on the shelf on 1 December and explain the concept to the children.
  16. Santa photos. Have a photo with Santa at the Mall. It’s a lovely way to capture the change in your kids from year to year. I’m sad I haven’t started this sooner.  

    creating christmas traditions: 18 ideas

  17. Matching outfits. It seems to be an American thing – wearing matching jerseys / shirts  and take a family photo. Maybe I’ve just watched too many movies. It does seem to be a lovely tradition though. In the boiling hot Southern Hemisphere I’ve seen rash vests made up to look like those ‘all American’ sweaters but they sold out almost immediately on the Australian site they were advertised on.
  18. Visit the Christmas Lights. Take a tour of Christmas lights or Christmas displays either in your area, town center or a great shop.

Have a beautiful festive season!

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