Creating a Cleaning Chore Schedule you can Stick To

Creating a cleaning chore checklist

Creating a cleaning chore list is a near impossibility for me. House work is always a nightmare for me – I would far rather be out adventuring with the kids but there is nothing worse than coming home to a messy home.

I am very grateful to Demi Giles who has put together this guide for creating a Family Friendly Cleaning Chore Checklist.

I hope you find it as useful as I have!

Create a cleaning chore checklist for your family, that you will follow, in 4 steps

Cleaning and organizing your home can be easily done with the help of a checklist which you and your family will follow. The difficult part is creating it and sticking to it. Here you will learn how to create a cleaning chore checklist for your family by following 4 simple steps. Use them and you will maintain your home in perfect condition. This won’t be that hard especially if you involve all members of your family.

Step 1. Find out what cleaning chores should be done on a daily and weekly basis.

You have to think about the cleaning tasks that need to be done daily, weekly, once a month and seasonally. First you should focus on the daily and weekly tasks and leave the spring and seasonal cleaning for later. Once you set a schedule what each member of your family should do every day before and after leaving home, you can easier adjust the seasonal cleaning later. 

It is very important to be realistic about what cleaning tasks should be performed every day and week. Focus on them and leave the chores which can wait for later. This way you will get better results. Use the help of more people in your family, printable sheets pinned on a cork board in the living room or kitchen. Limit the tasks to only the most important ones in the beginning to see the outcome. Later you can add other chores. 


Step 2. Write a weekly and daily cleaning chore checklist, print it and pin it on a cork board or on the fridge. Use specialized checklists for some rooms.

Separate the checklist to daily and weekly part. The daily checklist should include only the major tasks written simply and understandably. Take into account how much time you have in the morning and after work to make the checklist realistic. The weekly checklist can separate the tasks by days and you can leave the most of them for the weekend when you and your family have more time. 

You can create separate cleaning checklists for certain rooms in your home like the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms that need more time. Write the tasks that need to be done in each room and designate then between your family members. If you work as a team you will accomplish more than what you can do alone. Choose a day for each room to be cleaned and assign this work to someone in your family. Once this becomes a habit it will be a lot easier without you having to check. 


Step 3. Create a habit doing your household cleaning chores daily and weekly. 

Balham Professional Cleaners recommends to assign different tasks to different members of your family. Each one contributes to the mess and should be included in the cleaning work. You can track your kids and help them do their part by using printable sheets with the schedule. The cleaning will take you more time in the beginning if you haven’t done it regularly before. Once everyone in your family gets used to the work it they will take them less time. The difficult part is making the cleaning tasks a habit and being persistent. 

Step 4. Organize the cleaning supplies in your home

First you should declutter your cleaning supplies. Get rid of products and tools you don’t use, that are non-functioning or broken. Free more space for the detergents and tools you really need. You can buy new more effective cleaning supplies if you need such. Store them in strategic and easy for access places in your home so that all members of your family know where they are. 

Following these simple 4 steps for creating a cleaning chore checklist you and your family will do the household work easier and better. Stick to the checklist and your home will be well sanitized.

Demi Giles is a working mom from London. She has a specialized knowledge of Home Organization and Cleaning. In her free time she enjoys a cup of tea with a book in her hand or catching up on her favorite TV shows.


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