Coffs Harbour Jetty

Coffs Harbour’s Jetty

Coffs Harbour Jetty is one of the top rated things to do in Coffs Harbour – so of course we had to do it.



History of the Jetty

The Jetty is an old school wooden jetty built in 1892. I believe it is the largest remaining timber jetty in New South Wales. It’s been beautifully preserved and is a lovely walk to do with little ones regardless of whether they are wanting to walk, wanting to be in the pram or wanting to scooter or ride their bike.

coffs harbour jetty

Where is Coffs Harbour’s Jetty 

Coffs Harbour is not very big so its not so difficult to find. However, you must get slightly lost and land up at the marina as opposed to the Jetty. If you’ve found the Marina or Muttonbird Island you’re close. You’ve just got to go back to the big turning circle and go left along Jordan Esplanade. If you find that you’re on the opposite side of the train tracks to the sea you’ve got to get back one the tracks.


where is coffs harbour's jetty


In the picture below you will see the location of the Jetty. It’s in the middle of the Harbour with the Marina and Muttonbird Island in the North.



Can you walk the Jetty with the family?

You can definitely walk the Jetty with the family. Little kids and grandparents included.

The Jetty is enclosed the whole way  but you still need to be vigilant with littlies under two as they may be short enough to fit through the railings. What also makes the walk good to do with kids is that there are benches dotted along the Jetty and its not that far to walk.

 coffs harbour jetty with the kids


What’s to see and do from the Jetty

The Jetty runs parallel to the Marina so you can watch the fishing boats and whale watching boats if in season as they come in and out.


To the right beyond the Marina is Muttonbird Island which is also on the list of things to do but may be a bit ambitious for this holiday.


The Jetty Beach is on either side. The beach seems to be good for swimmers and surf lessons but with the cold weather there is no way I was taking the kids in the water.

coffs harbour jetty

What else can you do in Coff’s Harbour


Check out the App

If you’re planning a visit to Coffs Harbour or the greater area known as Coffs Coast you must go check out The Coffs Coast Tourist Website.  If you do intend visiting or stopping over download the app from the same site.


I would tie it in with:

  • a visit to walk Muttonbird Island,
  • a morning visit to the Harbourside Markets, or
  • prior to dinner in the town.



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