ChooChoo Express at Royal Botanic Garden

The ChooChoo Express 

We love the Royal Botanic Gardens and the best way to see it when you have little kids in tow is to hop on the ChooChoo Express. You can also hop on if the thought of walking the 75 acres is too much.


We have taken many an overseas visitor to see the Gardens in various seasons and have always enjoyed it.

Where does the ChooChoo Start and Stop 

The train runs in a circuit through the gardens. I managed to find the below map on the company’s website which gives you a good indication of how much you get to see and where the stops are. The train seems to start at the Opera House entrance – this is where you pay.


There are 4 stops at which you can get off

 The Tropical Centre and the Rose gardens

The Woolloomooloo Gate which is the top gate that you enter from the domain.

Restaurant, Café and the RBG Shop

Mrs Macquaries Point


We’ve ridden the train a few times but we’ve never gotten off at each of the spots. I can’t wait to spend a day at the Gardens and get off at each of the points. Maybe I’ll do it one day when I don’t have the kids with me and then I’ll tie it in to a visit at the Gallery.


choochoo express at the royal botanic gardens

ChooChoo Features

There are individual carriages that each have two sets of seating areas. For a family of four or five you can take up one of these carriages alone.

You can’t fit a pram on the train so you will have to either leave it behind on the day or leave it where you buy your ticket.

There is an onboard commentary which was a pleasant surprise. It definitely adds an adult dimension to the experience.  There are beautiful views along the way and it’s a great way to see the Gardens without getting exhausted.

 choochoo express royal botanic gardens

Cost of the ChooChoo

The train costs $10 for adults at $5 for children (3 – 17 years old).

With the adult ticket you used to entitle you to a $2 coffee from the RBG Cafe but I don’t know if this is the case anymore. You had better check the sign board next to the desk where you buy your tickets at the Opera House entrance to gardens.



When does the ChooChoo Express Operate 


Seasons and weather conditions

I was under the impression that the ChooChoo Express only operates over the Christmas period but I was wrong – YAY! We took the tour during January thoroughly enjoyed it.

According to its website – the train doesn’t operate in wet weather but I wouldn’t visit the gardens in wet weather anyway.



The train runs for 25 minutes every 30 minutes – on the hour and on the half hour. During the summer months the train operates from 10am to 4:30pm and during the Winter runs from 11am to 4pm.


Online you can find Choochoo express at

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