Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Paddington Reservoir Gardens The Paddington Reservoir Gardens are a little oddity hidden in Paddington. It’s a two level garden built out of ruins of old buildings. It’s the type of thing you’re amazed at finding in a big City when you accidentally stumble on it. It’s not very big and it’s quite easy to miss […]

the pod playground in canberra has some lovely aspects to it but it wasn't as good as I had hoped it would be.

The Pod Playground, Canberra 

The pod playground in canberra has some lovely aspects to it but it wasn’t as good as I had hoped it would be. I’ve put this post together based on what I liked, what I didn’t and the basic information.

Long Reef Walk: a newly found Sydney coastal walk for kids

Long Reef Walk The Long Reef Walk up along Long Reef headland in Collaroy is a stunning walk that we’ve recently discovered. It’s got magnificent views and is suitable for kids too! You can decide how far and where you want to work. Either keep it easy and just walk up the hill or go […]

Shark Beach, Vaucluse – Sydney’s best kids beach

Shark Beach, Vaucluse – Sydney’s best kids beach I take back everything I’ve said about Sydney’s beaches and beaches for kids. Shark Beach is the best beach for kids. It may even be the best beach in Sydney. It’s definitely the best harbour beach in Sydney. A combination of the location, the water and the […]

A day at Scenic World, The Blue Mountains [UPDATED]

Scenic World, Blue Mountains For us the Blue Mountains is synonomous with Scenic World. For us you can’t experience the Blue Mountains without spending a large portion of your time at Scenic World. Now we have been numerous times and I have written on the Blue Mountains before. This time we spent the weekend in the Mountains. […]

Kids Party Venues in Sydney

Kids Party Venues in Sydney Kids parties are stressful enough as it is without panicking about where to have the party. Here is a list of Kids Birthday Party Venues in Sydney that we either hosted birthday parties at, checked out for the purposes of hosting a birthday party or attended birthday parties at.   […]

Stony Range Botanic Garden hidden in Dee Why

Stony Range If you’ve never had reason to go to Stony Range Reserve you would probably not even notice it.  Stony Range is such a hidden gem, I could not believe it existed. I still comment on it to whoever is in the car when we drive past. Essentially, it’s a piece of kept natural […]

Botanic Gardens Easter Egg Hunt 

Botanic Gardens Easter Egg Hunt  The Botanic Gardens Easter Egg hunt is very similar to the Centennial Park Easter Egg Hunt. The concept is the same and the activities are the same. Which one you go to just depends on which one is closer to you or which open space you prefer – the Parklands […]

Warriewood Rocket Playground 

Warriewood Rocket Playground  I had seen so many pictures of Warriewood Rocket Playground, so many. I’ve also read so many people talking about it in Facebook but I wasn’t sure whether it would meet expectations. Well, I am glad to say that I was wrong – Warriewood Rocket Playground is great! It lived up to […]

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds  This is our list of Sydney’s Best Playgrounds. There are hundreds if not thousands of playgrounds in Sydney, lots of which are written about and to be honest aren’t that great. Staying at home with two young kids sends you out the house in search of entertainment most days of the week. […]