Flo Saline

A great saline solution for adults and kids Sick kids  Saline Solution is a must have in your medicine cabinet. If you’ve read any of my posts on babies and especially unwell little babies (see What to buy when you’re expecting: SICK BABIES and what we keep in our medicine chest ) you’ll know that I am a […]

What to buy when you’re expecting – SICK BABIES

WHAT TO BUY IN ANTICIPATION OF A SICK BABY AND DEALING WITH COLIC A Sick baby is heartbreaking There is absolutely nothing worse than a sick baby!!! No one really tells you how awful it is when your baby is ill. Your poor little helpless thing can’t communicate their needs. You feel guilty about not […]

Dermaveen Shampoo – the answer to CradleCap (for us)

Curing Cradle Cap  Our personal experience of Cradle Cap Cradle Cap plagued my child for years. The poor little thing’s hair wasn’t even growing properly as a result of it.   It started when he was a baby and at almost 4 it still had not gone away. It was getting so bad that my […]

A “Pulled Elbow” lands my baby girl in hospital 

A “Pulled Elbow” lands my baby girl in hospital    A normal everyday occurrence  To stop our daughter landing on her face in the shops I grabbed onto her arm.   It was meant to stop her from falling and hurting herself. Instead she hurt herself and landed up needing to go to hospital. As […]

Hand, Foot and Mouth in Kids 

Hand, Foot and Mouth in Kids  Our Experience of Hand, Foot and Mouth Every child and every experience of Hand, Foot and Mouth presents differently. For us, our first experience was mild and I’m really relieved.   What I share in this post is our experience of Hand, Foot and Mouth and the information I […]

What we keep in our medicine chest (non-prescription stuff)

Mom Medicine Chest DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, nurse nor any form of medical specialist. This is just a mom’s list of what she keeps in her Mom Medicine Chest. I’m just a mom with two small kids who keeps a Mom Medicine Chest My two small kids have been through a few hospitalizations and horrible […]