information for moving to sydney

Helpful links and information if you’re moving to Sydney

Helpful links if you’re moving to Sydney Moving to Sydney or Australia or interested in getting a feel for what its like… Moving to Sydney or Australia, interested in making the move, just thinking about the move? Here is some information and a list of links that will help give you an introduction to Australian […]

2 years in australia

2 Years in Australia

Today marks 2 years in Australia We’ve been in Australia 2 years today. Two years.   In some ways it feels like the time has flown and its been easy. In other ways it feels like its been made up of 731 long days.    I had completely forgotten that today marks the day until […]

Saying goodbye 

Saying goodbye is just heartbreaking   Goodbye.   It is so unbelievably hard to say goodbye.   It’s a pain to your stomach that makes you feel ill, it’s the lump in your throat that wants to choke you and it’s the ache in your eyes because you’d like to cry an ocean.   I […]

C’mon South Africa – this is just not good enough

Not good enough Yes we left but we still care We left South Africa 18 months ago to start a new life in Sydney, Australia. If I listened to a whole bunch of South Africans, I would know that it is not my place to comment on South Africa. No comment on its politics, the […]

Flying long distance with kids Part II: we’re alive. 

Flying long distance with Kids  We’re alive. All three of us. Flying long distance with kids alone is not easy. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to write this, it’s not that the flight was awful. It’s that I’ve just woken up. I got here two weeks ago and handed both kids to my parents […]

Flying long distance with 2 kids Part I: The fear 

Flying Long Distance with 2 kids Part 1: The Fear The fear is real The fear is real. I am in complete denial. When people ask me if I’m excited to go back to South Africa I go quiet. My eyes get the look bunnies get before a 2 year old picks them up for […]

Immigrating Part 4: Settling in Australia 

Immigrating Part 4: Settling in Australia  The context of this post  Settling in Australia is the third part of a four part series describing my thoughts and feelings about immigrating from South Africa to Australia. If you’re in the process of making this move yourself I would suggest that you start from Part 1 and move […]

Immigrating Part 3: Actually Leaving South Africa

Actually leaving South Africa Actually leaving South Africa is the third part in a four part series detailing our immigration from South Africa to Australia. If this is a move you are considering or a move you have made, I would suggest you read this series from Part 1 for context. You can access Part 1: Deciding […]

Immigrating Part 2: Deciding on Australia 

Deciding on Australia  Deciding on Australia is the Second Part in a four part Series. The Series details how we came to be living in Sydney, Australia. In Part 1 Part 1 I talked about deciding on leaving South Africa and the difficulty we faced in making that decision.  In this Part I talk about […]