PTSD how to recognise PTSD

How to recognise PTSD in others and what to do

How to recognise PTSD in others and what to do Thank goodness for Betty Mama I’m so grateful to Elizabeth for returning to help us further understand Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. PTSD is becoming a more occurring disorder that presents more often as violence and exposure to violence and trauma escalates. It is a sad […]

Fitness Guide for the Busy Mom: how to get in shape

Getting in shape A fitness guide for Busy Moms   Fitness and healthy living are not areas I excel in. I used to be really good about exercising but those days are long behind me. Even when I was working ridiculous hours, I was still able to get to the gym but following kids, exercise […]

PTSD What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? A real life story PTSD is something we hear of often. On TV shows, Netflix and in the News. But would you be able to notice Post Traumatic Stress Disorder present in someone you know or in yourself? I stumbled across Betty on her blog Betty’s Battleground and […]


Baby Carriers, Slings, Wraps    My Experience of choosing a Baby Carrier Baby Carriers come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Trying to choose from a shop full or computer screen filled with different types and information sheets is daunting. It’s enough to give up and walk away.   Thankfully, Mark from has created this […]

raising christian kids

The Religious Effect: Raising Kids in a Christian Family

Raising Kids in a Christian Family Welcome to the third and final post in the Religious Effect series. This last post comes to you from Susan. Susan, a music lover, is a mom to 3, its easy to tell when you read any of her blog posts or articles because the warmth just flows.  Here’s […]

Creating a Cleaning Chore Schedule you can Stick To

Creating a cleaning chore checklist Creating a cleaning chore list is a near impossibility for me. House work is always a nightmare for me – I would far rather be out adventuring with the kids but there is nothing worse than coming home to a messy home. I am very grateful to Demi Giles who […]

The Religious Effect: Raising children within a Jewish Family 

Raising children in a Jewish Family Today’s post comes to you from Gina. A mom of two who describes herself as a procrastinator, but she sure does get a whole lot done for a procrastinator. Gina teaches her kids amazing things and makes sure that their brains are constantly being stretched. She also finds the […]

The Religious Effect: Raising Children in a Muslim Family 

Raising children in a Muslim Family    Today’s post comes to you from Breharne, a fellow Australian mom  blogger who is married with 2 beautiful girls. Breharne is just like me – she loves trying out new places with her children and trying to keep them entertained. ♦   I’m just an ordinary Aussie mum.  […]

science kids

8 Amazing Reasons Why Kids Should Science More [Infographic]

Kids interested in Science?  My son seems to show an aptitude My son, even though he is only 4, is fascinated by anything that involves movement, mechanisms, construction. I’m not actively honing in on his interests just yet but I do take note of them. I’ve started wonder what he’s going to like when he’s […]

A Letter to My Mom – by Dave Dadic

A Letter to My Mom by Dave Dadic Dear Mom, I miss you. A lot.  It’s been 11 years since I last saw you, but so much has happened since then.  I’ve married Nicki. You would have loved the wedding; there were a lot of tears. Many about you.  We’ve been married for over 8 […]