Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty, Victoria

Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty On our way to Falls Creek we stopped in Mt Beauty and while my husband filled up with petrol I ran across the road to an enticing cafe. I was in there for so long he had to come and get me 🙂 I left with a coffee and arms full […]

Altitude Apartments, Falls Creek 

Altitude Apartments, Falls Creek  Winter in the snow, can  you ask for anything better. Well the only thing that makes it better is staying somewhere warm, cosy and close to the snow. We found that when we stayed at Altitude Apartments in Falls Creek.   For the review of Falls Creek, click here.   Before […]

Falls Creek, Victoria 

Falls Creek, Victoria  Skiing in Victoria We met up with family who live in Melbourne for a proper winter holiday in the snow. It is the first time the kids have seen snow and the first time the husband and I have been this cold in a number of years.   From Sydney to Falls […]