Boss Baby makes the list of recommended movies for younger kids. Its harmless, no real villains and has good humour for parents who are having to watch.

Boss Baby – a mom’s review 

Boss Baby 

I was not keen on Boss Baby when I saw the previews and adverts online. One day I got home from work to find the kids watching it… thanks nanny!

Anyway, it happened and from that time on it’s been one of my 3 year old’s favourites. I think it must be the combination of babies and the relationship between two siblings that she just loves.

I think I’ve now watched Boss Baby about 45 times.

This post addresses the plot, age appropriateness and the other concerns that have been raised by other families having watched the movie.

I think I've now watched Boss Baby about 45 times.  This post addresses the plot, age appropriateness and the other concerns that have been raised by other families having watched the movie. 

Boss Baby 


Just so you are aware – there is virtually no educational value. So don’t watch this expecting your children to grow in knowledge and intelligence.

The Plot 

According to the Boss Baby storyline, the “distribution” of babies is overseen by a big corporation run by babies. BabyCorp.

There are two types of babies sent to earth – actual babies and management babies.

In Boss Baby, the baby who joins the family is a management baby and he has been sent to earth on a mission. Being a management baby he is the equivalent of an adult in a baby’s body. He holds meetings, believes in memos, wants sushi and hates baby food.

Boss baby has been sent to earth resolve the crises that puppies are taking the place of babies in the world. The company responsible for puppies – Puppy Co is developing a new puppy that will taken even more market share away from Baby Corp. I’m not sure how my 3 year old and 5 year old follow the bigger plot. I think they just love the storyline between Boss Baby and the boy whose family he joins.

The story itself is told from the perspective of the 7 year old boy – Tim. Poor little guy, no one takes his concerns seriously.

His arrival, regardless of the reason, is traumatizing for Tim. Boss baby arrives by taxi and takes over his world!

“My parents always said I had an overactive imagination. But I clearly remember the baby was delivered in a taxi”


After lots of fighting Tim and Boss Baby work together to foil Puppy CO’s plan. In doing so the two boys grow closer. Ultimately they both realize they love their family, inclusive of both of them!


Boss Baby - A Mom's Review

Our favourite aspects of Baby Boss 

Our favourite aspect of the movie that has just stuck with us is the main song that the parents sing Tim. It’s Blackbird by The Beatles.  wasn’t aware of before I watched the movie and now that I know it, we listen to it all the time. 


“Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise”


My son loves the scene where the two boys set out to outsmart the babysitter. They land up on an adventure to Las Vegas.


As to be expected, my daughter loves the baby preparation line.


I am pretty happy watching it with the kids because Boss Baby is essentially a mini version of Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock. The script is smart and witty but it doesn’t denegrate  into the crude or vile. I found myself quoting lines from it last week, I’m not sure that is a good thing though.


The other little characters are so cute, the triplets and the big baby but my favourite is the little girl in the Tutu, she reminds me so much of my little one.


Boss Baby - A Mom's Review

Boss Baby: A mom's review


Age appropriateness 


This movie isn’t very scary.The only villain is an adult that surfaces at the end and he in himself isn’t that scary.


My 3 year old loves this movie but I think its because of the baby and her interest in babies. I am not sure she understands what is going on for the most part. My 5 year old also loves this movie. That, I think, is based on the adventures that Tim dreams up with his overactive imagination.


Boss Baby Mom Review


Other concerns – Criticisms of the Movie 


Aside from age appropriateness, I must tell you that I’ve read a few criticisms of the movie. There have been concerns for:

  • Kids watching the movie who have or who are about to get a sibling as it realizes all their anxieties.
  • Parents that have lost babies, there is a scene where the memory of the baby is erased from the house and the parents minds.
  • Foster kids who may think that no one will remember them.


Other movies we love:


My favourite for the kids is Charlie Brown Peanuts Movie.

The kids also love love Mary Poppins

As a family we have loved the Storks Movies too.


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