Bike First Aid Kits from SJ Works

Bike First Aid Kits from SJ Works

Bike First Aid Kits are a must in our lives. My son is always begging my husband to take him for a bike ride along the beach. Occasionally it happens. Generally it’s more a case of us running after our son with toddler in arms while he tears off on his balance bike. 


When dad’s at work and my son wants to ride we head off to one of the many kid friendly bike paths or cycleways in Sydney.


Regardless of what the bike outing involves one thing is certain, there needs to be some first aid supplies at hand. We’ve had falls and bumps, scratches and bruises. Thankfully nothing has been broken yet. 


When SJ Works reached out to me and asked if I’d look at their Bike First Aid Kits I jumped at the opportunity. 



Bike First Aid Kits from SJ Works



There are a few different Bike First Aid Kits developed by SJ Works but I asked to check out the Saddle Pouch First Aid Kit. I was also sent the Smart Phone First Aid Kit to try out. 


What is the Saddle Pouch Bike First Aid Kit 


The Saddle Pouch First Aid Kit is a small first aid kit that is attached to the seat post. For those that aren’t familiar with the different names of the bike parts, that is the pole that the seat rests on. 

The Saddle Pouch sits directly behind and under your saddle, tucking up into the saddle. We tried this Kit on my husband’s 26″ Mountain Bike and it fitted perfectly. 

The Kit has all your basic supplies that you would need for a bike or running accident. From plasters to bandages and antiseptic wipes. 

  Bike First Aid Kits from SJ Works


What is in the Saddle Pouch Bike First Aid Kit 

The First Aid Kit comes stocked with everything you would need.


In each kit you will find 

  • An American Red Cross First Aid Guide
  • Antiseptic Towelettes 
  • Four normal bandages, one of which is a child’s size bandage and another which is triangular
  • A butterfly wound closure
  • Sterile non-adhesive pads 
  • Sterile non-woven sponges 
  • One sterile eye pad 
  • Two pressure bandages 
  • A roll of First Aid Tape
  • An emergency blanket 

In addition to the above the kit comes with a reflective band that snaps on to your wrist. My kids were completely enamoured with it, my son even went to bed with it on. 

While it is full, there is a little space left over if you want to add any personal items like an energy gel (for the riders) or chocolates (what I would put in).

 Contents of the Saddle Pouch Bike First Aid Kit from SJ-works


What I like about the Saddle Pouch Bike First Aid Kit 


What I like 

I’m not the one riding the bike. I’m just the one panicking that when father and son go out for a ride that everything is going to be okay. In this sense, the most important thing for me is that they have everything they need if there was a minor or more serious fall or crash. 

The other thing I really like is that it is reflective on the sides which makes my husband even more noticeable if he’s riding in poor light before dawn or nighttime. 

As a non-bike rider but a very particular purchaser, I like that it looks neat and smart and not bulky or gaudy. Its just black, red and grey and hardly noticeable.


What cyclists will like 


The kit is light and small. The dimensions of the Saddle Pouch Kit are 18 cm (L) x 10 cm (W) x 14 cm (H). My husband said it made no difference having it on his bike weight or mobility wise. 

My husband, the rider of the family was really impressed by the contents given how many first aid items were packed into it. 



The Smart Phone Solution Bike First Aid Kit


There are two other First Aid Kits available from SJ-Works, the classic and the Smart Phone Solution. 


The Smart Phone Solution is a First Aid Kit that sits on the Top Tube of the bike. For non-cyclists, its the top pole that your legs sit on either side of. The beauty of this First Aid Kit is that the top section is transparent so you can put your phone in it and be able to read it while you are cycling – should you be following directions or looking at a map. 

 The Smart Phone Solution Bike First Aid Kit from SJ-works

This First Aid Kit is a bit bigger than the Saddle Pouch but is also packed with all the good First Aid Kit contents. 


Which First Aid Kit is Better? 


I love that both First Aid Kits come with all the great first aid supplies you need. Both will also be able to fit those extra things you want to take with you on your ride – keys, money, supplies. 

Which one you should buy is dependant on what you want it for.

  • If you’re on bumpy terrain – you’ll want to get the Saddle Pouch First Aid Kit.
  • If you need phone access while riding then get the Smart Phone Solution. 

We took both out on a warm Winter Evening for a ride along the beach to decide. My husband said for that purpose he liked the Smart Phone Solution. For me, I still like the Saddle Pouch Bike First Aid Kit 




Where can you get a SJ Works Bike First Aid Kit 


You can buy the First Aid Kits directly from the SJ Works website.  



If you’re looking for a place to take your young child cycling or scooting in Sydney, you can do no better than taking them to one of the great kids cycle paths listed below.  


One of our favourites is the signposted cycle way in Hallstrom Park. 

A ride around North Curl Curl Lagoon.

If you’re on the lower North Shore, Brightmore Cremore is awesome for smaller kids. 

Centennial Parklands is home to the awesome Fearnley Grounds which has a cycleway. 



I was given two bike first aid kits to conduct this review. 

I do get lots of requests to review products but the reviews you read are only the products I like and my family like and use. 

You can trust that all opinions and views expressed are my own.

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