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Baby Wednesdays – buying for babies to come



Buying for baby is like going overseas for the first time. Excitement coupled with a little bit of anxiety and a whole lot of uncertainty.


There is so much on the market and so many different ideas on what is right for you. It can be such a daunting process.


For the next two months – September and October – every Wednesday will be dedicated to babies. Well more so the process of shopping for a baby in anticipation of its arrival. It is such a daunting job and I remember arriving at the baby shop in the hopes of buying a dummy (pacifier / soother) and not knowing what to choose, I landed up leaving empty handed.


Each week I will be addressing a new topic:

  1. Clothes
  2. Every nappy / diaper orientated
  3. Accessories – no I am not nuts, baby’s need accessories like burp cloths and hats and not just as fashion statements
  4. Bathtime purchases
  5. Sleeptime – from blankets to baby monitors
  6. Playing – babies are teeny tiny and dont need a lot but I will cover this topic because there are lots of things that you may want to get which may or may not be necessary
  7. Feeding needs – bottles and the like (i’ve thrown dummies / pacifiers / soothers in too because those go in their mouths too)
  8. What you need to have on hand in case of a sickly baby


I have included links to each of the posts at the bottom of this post for easy reference



I am not affiliated with any of the products I am referring to – these are just my honest opinions after two kids – one of which went by the book and the other way beyond the book and way outside of the box so we have had to try a lot of different things.


If this is the first baby, or even the second or third check in every Wednesday to see what category we will be dealing with. You can however find links to each post at the bottom of this post.


There will also be a few closing remarks at the end of the series which if you are following the series may be a good idea to read because it means we think along similar lines. If you are pregnant and reading this Congratulations!



buying for babies - what to buy when you're expecting






What types of clothes to buy

Nappies and the like

Baby Accessories

Bathing your babe

All Things Sleeping


Feeding needs – bottles, dummies / pacifiers / soothers 

In case of sick babies

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