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My Experience of choosing a Baby Carrier

Baby Carriers come in all shapes, sizes and forms. Trying to choose from a shop full or computer screen filled with different types and information sheets is daunting. It’s enough to give up and walk away.


Thankfully, Mark from has created this good looking inforgraphic for us. In this infographic he spells out:


  • different types of carries available from slings to wraps.
  • features you should look out for to benefit you.
  • what you should consider when choosing a carrier.


When I chose my baby carrier my husband I just blindly bought the most expensive one thinking that if it was the most expensive it would be the best. Well, we weren’t right and have used it twice at a maximum. A real waste of money.


Thank you Mark for sharing this with our readers!

If you would like to explore the topic in depth Mark has kindly cited all the resources he relied on at the bottom of the infographic.



This is a brief guide I designed to help new parents who are looking for a baby carrier of sorts. I have covered three main aspects parents should consider before they shortlist a baby carrier.

Choosing a wrong baby carrier can compromise your child’s comfort and safety.

The three broad topics include:

  • How to choose Baby Carriers and Wraps
  • Types of Baby Carriers
  • Buyer’s Guide

This Infographic has been made after an in-depth analysis of baby carriers and aims to help you limit the research and reading you have to do for yourself . I am hopeful that this will be helpful for all parents looking to purchase baby carriers.


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