Announcing the winner of our “Everything you need to know about choosing and filling Diaper Bags” Giveaway



Jaclyn Bree whose comment was randomly selected as the winner of the $50 gift card to Diapers.Com. We hope you use your gift card to get some gorgeous goodies.

A massive thank you to each of you who entered the competition and made it a success. 

I got some great insights and was even reminded of a few things that I left out of the original post.

In case you missed the post and accompanying competition – you can check it out here, it’s the one about Choosing and Filling a Diaper Bag as there still is some useful information to glean even if the competition is over.


Our next giveaway is coming up on Friday so be sure to check in, especially if you have little kids in your family or extended family – it will make you a sure fire winner with them.

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