The Most Amazing Magazines for Kids: Review and Giveaway

Amazing magazines for kids – Bayard Magazine

The most amazing magazines for kids from Bayard Presse



These are the most amazing magazines for kids. I am so thrilled that they are now available here. They are literally the best magazines for kids that I have ever seen. 


Bayard Presse Magazines are the most amazing magazine for kids. They are attractive, educational and  are of fantastic quality.


Our children thought they had won a competition when ours arrived in the post. Not only am I sharing this wonderful discovery with you but Bayard is offering 6 month subscriptions to three lucky readers.


 StoryBox, AdventureBox and DiscoveryBox, The most amazing magazines for kids

The most amazing magazines for kids

I don’t make outlandish statements like this unless I am completely convinced and my kids are too. I am not exaggerating when I say that Bayard Presse has developed the most amazing magazines for kids. 


While these magazines have been available worldwide they are just coming to Australia now. 


There are three stages of the magazines

StoryBox for 3 – 6 year olds

AdventureBox for 6 – 9 year olds

DiscoveryBox for 9 – 12 year olds

I’ll touch on the contents of each just a little later in the post. I first just want to explain why I think these are amazing magazines for kids


The most amazing magazines for kids from Bayard Presse


What makes these amazing magazines for kids? 


1. It grabs your child’s attention so that they actually want to read

As with any reading material having educational magazines in your home will aid your children’s reading and literacy. But the caveat to that is that your children have to actually be interested in the content.  


From the minute I opened the envelope and the magazines emerged, four little hands grabbed at them. My kids were interested from the first second they laid eyes on them. 


The magazines are bright and colourful and filled with images that your children will be attracted to. 


2. The content is fantastic


What I find hard with any form of children’s entertainment or resource is that I want my children to like one thing and they are far more interested in another. 

I want my children to like age appropriate educational material and my children want to watch or read or listen to things that are inappropriate. 

With the Bayard Magazines the content is educational and each issue of each level of Magazine has age appropriate INTERESTING content. Both me and my children think that these magazines are great. 


In each of the magazines there are different sections of the magazines. There are:

– reading bits as in a story is being told,

– learning stages where your child can learn about an animal, environment, culture or person, and

– activities independent from the other sections of the magazine. 


Due to the varied content your child can page backward and forward between sections as and when each different section appeals to them. 


3. Your child can see more of the world without travelling or watching TV


It is so hard to explain diverse countries, cultures, places and people to children. This is especially without travelling or letting them watch TV. 


With these magazines your children are exposes to so many different parts of the world, at various levels. Each month they will see or learn something new. I can’t believe how much information my kids learnt from one magazine and each month is different. If they were to have access to this every month for a year they would have a completely new understanding of so many different things. Things that I could not necessarily teach them without this type of visual aid.

My kids have learnt about Malala, penguins and light house keepers, Greenland and Lions. It is really exciting to see their world open up like this.


This is specifically true for DiscoveryBox which is geared to an age when kids are really ready to absorb that type of information. 


StoryBox, AdventureBox and DiscoveryBox, The most amazing magazines for kids


4. It comes to your child and becomes their own 


Each magazine comes specifically addressed to your child. 


While this may sound like a bit of a silly advantage you won’t believe how deep this advantage actually runs. 


To have something specifically arrive for your child, with their names in from an “unknown” source brings immense pride. Not only that but it is a magazine… something that until now had been reserved only for adults. With its delicate pages and shining images and writing this precious thing is now theirs. My son was so good with it and so gentle and responsible I was surprised and impressed. 

5. There are no adverts.

You can’t underestimate the value of this. From a parent and as a reader this is a huge advantage.


As a parent no advertising means:

– no requests and demands for new toys or useless gadgets; and 

– no inappropriate content being inadvertently included. If you’ve ever let your child watch a show on youtube you’ll know how dangerous advertising can be. 


As a reader no advertising means:

– the company needs to make sure that their quality is perfect because their revenue is coming from you the reader; and

– every page is readable content. 


As an adult I would love to find a magazine that doesn’t include advertising. 

6. The magazine ages with your child


As your child grows up the magazines will be updated so if your child hits 6 years old he or she will be moved from the Story Box magazines to the Adventure Box. 


The Most Amazing Magazines for Kids 


The options available



The StoryBox is the subscription that we are giving away today. 


Story Box

The Story Box Magazines are aimed at ages 3 – 6. Each magazine is 50 pages long and is divided into 4 sections. 


1. Story Time

This is the main segment of the book and also reflected on the cover of each edition. The two stories in the magazines we read were “A bear called Ted” and “Little Pig Goes to School”. These stories are generally 22 pages long and beautifully illustrated. The quality of the story and the pictures are like those you would see in a book. 


2. Discovery 

This section is split in two. There is a section which explores the science behind animals or processes called Wonder with Whizkid. The second of these sections is Animal World where kids are introduced to a new animal every edition, we learnt about Lions and Song Thrushes in the two editions we read. 


3. Adventures

In the Adventures section of the magazine there are 4 consistent character based stories. These are a little bit like comics for little kids. 


In the fourth comic there are just pictures and your child can make up their own story. I haven’t tried this with my son yet but I can’t wait to do this to see what he comes up with. 

4. Games

The Games part of the magazine are activities. These are focused on creativity and observation skills. 


Some of these activities are more suited to kids who are able to read or at least identify letters. 

The most amazing magazines for kids from Bayard Presse


Adventure Box 


The Adventure Box Magazines are aimed at ages 6 – 9. Each magazine is 66 pages long and is divided into 4 sections. 


1. Story 


As with StoryBox this is the main segment of the book but here it is divided into chapters.  The writing is big and nicely spaced out for young readers. These stories are about 45 pages long with each page being illustrated. 



2. NatureBox

Here children learn about various forms of the natural world. In one of the magazines we read the section was about Mackerels. 


There are photographs and interesting facts that are well set out and easy to follow for new readers. 


3. Puzzles and Games


In the magazines I’ve seen the activities in this magazine are really cool. Out of the activities in the magazine, we played two of them: a trace the line game and a matching game. 


These activities and games are all aimed at literacy, observation and reasoning but in a way your child wouldn’t realise that they are actually being taught something. 


4. A comic strip 


The comic strip follows the life and experiences of Zak Jinks. 



Discovery Box


You have got to love any magazine that introduces children to the story of Malala, which the DiscoveryBox did in one of their last editions. 


The Adventure Box Magazines are aimed at ages 9 – 12. Each magazine is 50 pages long and is divided into 4 sections while focusing on a common theme. There are also comic strips or cartoons and games and activities throughout the magazine. 



1. Zoom In 

In this first section of the magazines children are given the opportunity to explore a different section of the world up close. We first read about the poles and how people live at the North and South Pole. In the second magazine we read about life around the sea – under the sea and on the coastline. 


These had great pictures, captions and explanations of things.


2. Investigate

Here your child gets to meet another child who investigates how or why somethings works. We met Camilla and visited a seal centre with her in one edition and Zoe in the other and learnt about why people study polar ice. 


What is really cool about this section is that your children can see other children acting at the explorers and investigators. 


3. Pics & Facts

We read about a Polar Explorer who went to Greenland and the Brave Lighthouse Keepers of the 19th century. 

4. Wildlife 


The photographs included here are absolutely amazing. As with the other sections there are explanations and captions. 


There are so many little pieces of information packed into this magazine everywhere. This magazine is a lot more informative than the two other types of magazines on offer. 



Where can you get these Amazing Magazines for Kids? 



If you’re from Australia you can order these Magazines from or Elsewhere in the world you can order through Bayard’s UK site.  


Alternatively, you can try win 1 of 3 subscriptions to StoryBox by entering on AllThingsMomSydney Facebook page or by commenting on the post below. 

This competition is only open to people living in Australians. 


The most amazing magazines for kids from Bayard Presse


We’re giving away 3 subscriptions


Bayard Presse has kindly offered 3 readers the chance to win a 6-month subscriptions to StoryBox. 


To enter

You can either enter by heading over to our Facebook Page or commenting on this post below. 


 – On Facebook you must tag two friends in the comment section of the post who you think would like to know about the magazines. 

On this site you must comment below with the reason why your kids would love a magazine subscription. 


You will get two entries into the Giveaway if you do both. 


The competition closes midnight on 7 August 2017 and winners will be selected at random. 


This competition is only open to people living in Australians. 


Please read the Competition Terms and Conditions prior to entering this giveaway. 



These magazines or a subscription would make an incredible present or gift. 



This Giveaway was sponsored by Bayard Presse.

While I was given copies of the magazines in order to write this review the content and views are my own. I would not be swayed by free magazines to say such lovely things.  


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  1. What an awesome concept! We would absolutely love to have access to these wonderful magazines. My two year old loves books and reading. All the hearts for this one 💕💕💕💕

  2. My daughter loves to read. This magazine is perfect to satisfy her curiosity and her thirst for story and knowledge 🙂

  3. Hi Michal, what a great initiative! Love your blog and amazed how practical your advise is on places to go and things to see! Thank you for your efforts. I just love it! ❤️
    Both mine, as you know, love reading and giving them some different resources would be amazing. I’m holding thumbs

  4. Both my girls love reading and would enjoy discovering new things & places to read about! We’d love to win a subscription!

  5. We can’t afford a subscription right now and my son instead gets magazines out of the library.. so coming in the post new would be a thrill!

  6. My 5 year old daughter begs me for a magazine of her own every month when her brother gets his Nat Geo Kids mag. I hadn’t found anything she would be interested in until now.

  7. Story time, adventures, discovery and games, these sound like the ideal magazines that my kids will enjoy. I would love to trial this for 6 months with the Storybox, and then depending on how much the kids enjoy it, sign up for all 3 (the Storybox, the Adventurebox and the Discoverybox) for all four kids. As we are homeschooling, this would add to their enjoyment of learning.

  8. These sound great, it’s hard to find something that kids get excited about these days. There’s an overload of material, most of it lacking charm and failing to engage kids imagination. Literacy is one of the greatest gifts you can give a kid and these magazines make it enjoyable for the recipient!

  9. My daughter would love a subscription to Story Box she is 5 and loves books and finding out about new words and new things. Her brother would also enjoy the stories. We live in Australia, thank you for the chance to win this awesome prize!

  10. My kids would love these because they love reading. We’re having trouble finding books they haven’t read 😛

  11. Both my kids have an insatiable desire in learning about the world. They have to be bribed out of their books for showers and meal times (not complaining except when we are in a a hurry)! As much as I like them to look forward to receiving subscribed magazines regularly, it is hard to pick a magazine that are age appropriate and yet interesting enough for their curious minds. Looking forward to see their faces shine when your magazines arrive in our mailbox!

  12. Both my kids LOVE to read (thankfully) and they have just discovered kids mags in our library.
    The ones they read are full of ads for toys though, which is frustrating.
    They would devour a magazine like “storybot” and I wouldnt have to constantly hear “I want, I want” 🙂

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