An 80s child born in Zimbabwe, raised in South Africa and now living in Australia with my 2 kids and husband. We’re almost brand new in the country and with two kids under 4, I’m almost brand new at parenting.


Now a SAHM

I’m a SAHM (that is not a group or cult, maybe a little bit but its the abbrev for Stay At Home Mum) with a baby and a pre-schooler so essentially I am a sleep deprived guilt ridden lunatic who knows all about the Disney Junior Channel. I’m dreadful at crafting and am convinced that there is some trick that I’m missing.

We (2 adults and 2 children or 1 adult and 3 children depending on how you look at it) moved to Sydney in June 2015 so are exploring it and getting to know it a bit better one playground and kid-friendly spot at a time.


The whole point 

My aim here is to hand out any tips, ideas or tidbits of information I come across which is useful to me and maybe useful to you. In my previous adult life I was a lawyer so I can research (read) and write (we’re soon to find out). Oh I can also negotiate which helps seeing as I gave birth to a lawyer who is now 3 and honing his demand and negotiation skills.


I’m going to try keep these posts short because I know that personally I get halfway through something before someone wakes up (kids) or falls asleep (me) which means I lose track of where I am and what I was doing thus missing the point.


I hope you enjoy this blog and you find at least one thing helpful.


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