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A new Series 

I am proud, really proud to announce a new series that will be starting this Wednesday. A Letter to My Mom. This series will run through October and November 2016.

Contributors from around the world

I have gathered some wonderful men who have agreed to guest post on AllThingsMomSydney. Each will share a letter to their mom as they look back on their childhoods and the effects that their moms have had on their lives.

We’ve got thank you letters, a letter to an unknown mother and a letter about hamburgers. There are letters from America, from South Africa and even Israel.

We really are getting a universal perspective and not just in terms of location.

A Letter to My Mom is about exploring the effect that moms have had on their sons’ lives.


Often as parents, we focus on the now and just getting through the day, we forget that in years to come our children will become adults themselves. Not only will our children have a unique perspective of our role in their lives but they will raise their children greatly affected by how we raised them.

I am very excited about this series and hope that it challenges each of us to be open and honest with our parents so they know exactly how we feel about them and towards them before it is too late.

Enjoy fellow readers! 


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