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8 Amazing Reasons Why Kids Should Science More [Infographic]

Kids interested in Science? 

My son seems to show an aptitude

My son, even though he is only 4, is fascinated by anything that involves movement, mechanisms, construction. I’m not actively honing in on his interests just yet but I do take note of them. I’ve started wonder what he’s going to like when he’s at school.

Thankfully, I am a few years away from worrying about school subjects and teasing his interests into something more substantial.

Considering school subjects?

However I know lots of moms and dads do have to consider the issue of subject choice as the academic year in the Southern Hemisphere starts.

Here is a great guest post from Michael Hervas over at, the Psychology, Science and Health blog.




8 Amazing Reasons Why Kids Should Science More



It goes without saying that parents want the best for their children, but in this era of misinformation, it can be difficult to always know what the best is.

Children love to learn new things, and not only do they love to learn, they are experts at it. Children learn by playing, observing, doing, testing ideas and pushing boundaries.


And one of the ways that parents can help their child to develop is simply by allowing them to play and discover things for themselves, even at a young age this curiosity is the starting point of scientific thinking.


This is a practice that should be encouraged, nurtured and built upon. Science is not only a great subject because of the things that can eventually be done with it, but because of the life skills that it also teaches along the way.
So what are the life skills that science can teach? Check out the following infographic created by psychology and science website psysci to read about 8 of them:


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