joburg with kids

120 things to do with kids in Johannesburg and surrounds (Part 1)

JOHANNESBURG WITH CHILDREN  Visiting Joburg  If you’re in Johannesburg with children and looking for suitable places to visit below is a list of 60 places to visit. This is the first half of the 120 strong list. There are restaurants listed, activities and a places that combine both. This list is based purely on suggestions […]

Creating Christmas Traditions – 18 ideas to get the ball rolling 

Creating Christmas Traditions  Our family Over the years my mom and dad created a set of traditions that we would follow without fail. Every year Christmas Day would be the same. I just loved it and I still do. I’ve also tried to maintain these Christmas traditions with my own kids.   The Commercial Reality […]

Flying long distance with 2 kids Part I: The fear 

Flying Long Distance with 2 kids Part 1: The Fear The fear is real The fear is real. I am in complete denial. When people ask me if I’m excited to go back to South Africa I go quiet. My eyes get the look bunnies get before a 2 year old picks them up for […]

A day at Scenic World, The Blue Mountains

Scenic World Scenic World is The Blue Mountains For us the Blue Mountains is synonomous with Scenic World. For us you can’t experience the Blue Mountains without spending a large portion of your time at Scenic World. Now we have been numerous times and I have written on the Blue Mountains before. You can check […]

Letter to My Mom – by Franki Rank 

Letter to My Mom by Franki Rank   Hey mom.    We should hug more.    “Personally I don’t think you can hug your mother enough in life.”   I was thinking about that the other day. I don’t want to tell my kids one day that I didn’t hug my mother enough. So from […]

How to get the most out of your Scenic World experience – the suggested itinerary

A suggested itinerary to get the most out of your day at Scenic World When there is so much to do, it is hard to fit it in unless you know how to go about it. We’ve been to Scenic World a few times now so we have developed a set routine as to what […]

Packing for a Day at the Beach 

Packing for the Beach Time to hit the beach With Spring here and Summer impending  it’s time to hit the beach. Whether you’re a newbie or an old sea dog it’s always good to have a list of things to have on hand. Packing for the beach can be a nightmare but not with this cool […]

I reckon this day is out to get me

This day is out to get me!  It started well… This day is out to get me. I should have know it started too well. Both children slept through the night. In their own beds. Unthinkable. I should have known that would lead to no good. I got tea in bed from my husband which […]

Sea Acres Rainforest Centre, Port Macquarie 

Sea Acres One of the special aspects of Port Macquarie is that you can go from the beach to a forest in less than 5 minutes. It really is such an amazing contrast. The rainforest in question is categorised as a “sub-tropical coastal rainforest”.   If you’re keen on walking through the forest and being […]