Parsley Bay, Vaucluse

Parsley Bay Beach, Vaucluse I had researched beaches in the Eastern suburbs to find one that would be suitable to visit with my little one. She’s 18 month old who thinks she’s 4. I had seen a little hidden beach called Parsley Bay Beach, Vaucluse. I did not for one second anticipate stumbling upon it by […]

What to buy when you’re expecting – SICK BABIES

WHAT TO BUY IN ANTICIPATION OF A SICK BABY AND DEALING WITH COLIC A Sick baby is heartbreaking There is absolutely nothing worse than a sick baby!!! No one really tells you how awful it is when your baby is ill. Your poor little helpless thing can’t communicate their needs. You feel guilty about not […]

A LETTER TO MY MOM – From the Unexpected Dad

A letter from the Unexpected Dad   Dear Mom, I rarely say it, or maybe I really haven’t said it much at all, but thank you for everything that you did for the family while I was growing up. With very few exceptions, memories of my childhood are very positive and happy; there is very […]

Harbourside Markets, Coffs Harbour

Harbourside Markets in Coffs Harbour  On a Sunday in Coffs Harbour you can find the Harbourside Markets on the grassy patch between the Marina and the Jetty.   There were a couple of food stalls – from healthy food to Thai to Hamburgers, lots of amazing fresh produce and unique gifts and souvenirs of your […]

Coffs Harbour, New South Wales Australia 

Coffs Harbour Coffs Harbour sits about 530kms North of Sydney and 400 South of Brisbane. It’s a small coastal city with a few things to see and do and a number of places to stay that cater to families. Discovering Australia Being new to Australia and Sydney we are keen on getting to know the […]

What to buy when you’re expecting – FEEDING (and dummies / pacifiers and soothers too)

Feeding (and dummies / pacifiers and soothers) Feeding comes in many shapes and forms. Whether its solely breastfeeding or formula feeding you’ll soon have to discover solids and cows milk.  There is so much to know and so many things to consider at every stage of baby and toddler days. It can be overwhelming.    I’ve […]

A LETTER TO MY MOM – By Christopher Bruff

A letter about Hamburgers Dear Mommy, I know I don’t tell you this enough so here goes. Hamburgers. Mother, I miss you cooking hamburgers. It’s cliché for people to tell stories about mom taking care of their needs at home. All that is true and more. Let me tell you why “hamburgers” is important to […]

Northbridge Baths, Northbridge 

Northbridge Baths  I always drive past the sign for Northbridge Baths. One day when then weather was half decent and my eldest was at daycare I decided to see what Northbridge Baths is. Off baby and I went for a quick pop in to see what it was all about.   I performed my cursory […]

What to buy when you’re expecting: FOR FUN

BABY TOYS Here are two lists of what do you really need   First be sure your little one is nor over exposed  You don’t really need many baby toys! They’ve been inside for 9 months, in a really small space, with very little light. Every minute that they are now on the outside they […]