HappyCalc Puzzle by FunComet

HappyCalc – The Genius Puzzle  HappyCalc by FunComet This is an amazing creation. Combining a child’s love of puzzles and rockets with hidden mathematical learning is sheer genius. Beyond the concept the pictures incorporated into the puzzle make it compelling to little people.   Happycalc from the outside Attractive from the start From the start you can […]

Giving in and letting my 2 kids share a bedroom

Letting my kids share a bedroom They love each other right now My son is almost 4 and for a while he has been asking if his sister can share his bedroom. She’s 19 months and absolutely adores his brother. She would, no doubt, also make this request if she could verbalise it.   The […]

What to buy when you’re expecting: Bathing your baby

BATHING YOUR BABY WHAT TO BUY FOR BATHING YOUR BABY Bathing is such a special time for baby and parents. On the condition you make it fun from day one. If you’re prepared and you keep calm it can be a very special bonding time which becomes a routine over the years. In our house dad […]

Shelly Beach, Manly 

Shelly Beach – Manly’s Family Beach Shelly Beach is one of my top family friendly beaches in Sydney. Kids can swim or play along the rocks, adults can swim out in the clear blue water, lie on the beach or have a coffee on the grass. Where is Shelly Beach Address  There is no defined […]

Featherdale Wildlife Park

FEATHERDALE WILDLIFE PARK It’s Spring and so the outdoor adventures begin at full speed. One of our first trips had to be to Featherdale Wildlife Park. We had heard so much about it that it was time to check it out for ourselves. I’m really glad we did and I can assure you that we […]

Things that are no longer possible now that I am a mom… 

Things that are no longer possible now that I am a mom First – the other hand  There are a lot of things that are not possible now that I am a mom. However, on the other hand, there are a few things that are now possible because I have become a mom.   Most of […]

What to buy when you’re expecting: BABY ACCESSORIES

Baby Accessories What are Baby Accessories Babies need accessories too! Didn’t you know – all the cool kids have accessories 🙂 I’m not talking sunglasses and hair clips which are also cool but rather things that you need to keep with you. What I have listed in Baby Accessories are the thing that you need […]

Livvi’s Place, Yamble Reserve, Ryde

Livvi’s Place Ryde The best Playground in Sydney Hands down, this may be the best playground I have taken the kids to. It even tops Wahroonga (review here) and Flying Fox in Mona Vale (click here for that review). I am not sure how I have never been here before – how has this flown […]

Belrose Hotel 

The often spoken about Belrose Hotel The highlight of the Belrose Hotel is that you can have a meal while your kids play in one of the two play areas.   You can’t read a list of restaurants or pubs that are good for families without finding the Belrose Hotel on the list. It is […]