It’s only 8:47am and… 

It’s only 8:47am and…  How is it only 8:47am and not 8:47pm?   I’ve saved a dummy from the dustbin. Thank goodness it was the recycling bin and not the actual rubbish bin. Made pancakes because my son will not eat any other yukky thing. And then had to dissuade him from assisting me. Removed […]

Gift Guide: 7 Health and Beauty Gifts for women

7 Health and Beauty Gifts  I’m not good with health and beauty but these are Health and Beauty Gifts I have received and they are fantastic.   I am not affiliated with anyone or anything listed below I just really like these items.   The List of Health and Beauty Gifts   1. Elizabeth Arden […]

Immigrating Part 4: Settling in Australia 

Immigrating Part 4: Settling in Australia  The context of this post  Settling in Australia is the third part of a four part series describing my thoughts and feelings about immigrating from South Africa to Australia. If you’re in the process of making this move yourself I would suggest that you start from Part 1 and move […]

Balmoral Beach Playground, Mosman

Balmoral Beach Playground Balmoral Beach playground has been under construction for a while so I was expecting an amazing playground when it was finally unveiled. I’m not sure this playground has met my expectations.   It’s nice but its not as great as I had expected. The draw card however is its location – the […]

Sportsbliss Softplay, Thornleigh

 Sportsbliss Soft Play This place is great for little kids under 6 and even better for pre-schoolers and toddlers. As long as your little one can sit up I am sure they would have a great time. It’s bright and colourful and you can take your own food when you visit.   What is Sportsbliss   […]

Immigrating Part 3: Actually Leaving South Africa

Actually leaving South Africa Actually leaving South Africa is the third part in a four part series detailing our immigration from South Africa to Australia. If this is a move you are considering or a move you have made, I would suggest you read this series from Part 1 for context. You can access Part 1: Deciding […]

Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour With a long and rich history, great views and plenty of space for kids to run Cockatoo Island is an awesome place for a Family Day Out. I reckon you could visit a couple of times and not get bored.   Here is a review of Cockatoo Island and guide […]

Golden Ridge Animal Farm, Dural

Golden Ridge Animal Farm One sunny Winter morning we trotted off to Dural to visit the Golden Ridge Animal Farm. For $15 per child and adult I was dubious it would be worth it but it definitely was.  Even in light of one child crying hysterically every time an animal came close or so much […]

Immigrating Part 2: Deciding on Australia 

Deciding on Australia  Deciding on Australia is the Second Part in a four part Series. The Series details how we came to be living in Sydney, Australia. In Part 1 Part 1 I talked about deciding on leaving South Africa and the difficulty we faced in making that decision.  In this Part I talk about […]