Greengate Park, Killara 

Greengate Park After seeing a few pictures online about Greengate Park in Killara I had to go check it out myself. Then the baby fell asleep in the car while we were in the area so I knew I had to grab my chance. After seeing it, I immediately planned to go back with both […]

7 Gifts for women who reads

7 Books for women who love to read A variety of stories and themes I love reading and below are a few that I have enjoyed over the years. These are just a few which cover a different tastes. I have hundreds of suggestions on offer (should anyone be interested ☺️ just let me know in […]

A Billy Joel-esq Ode to the Mornings 

A Billy Joel-esq Ode to the Mornings  (Sung to the tune of piano man by Billy Joel)   It’s 5am on a Thursday morning, The regular crowd shuffles in, Rachel whose one and Miller whose three, The day is about to begin. (CHORUS) Read me a story my mommy, Read me a story right now, […]

No. 1 Reason to Visit Belrose Super Center

Belrose Supa Center Kids’ Play Area The number one reason to visit Belrose Supa Center is the indoor play area.   The indoor play area is just superb, small but entertaining for pre-schoolers, clean and often empty.      Other kids activities at Belrose Supa Center There are often events scheduled for kids either by […]

We’re doing it. We’re getting a babysitter. Part 1

Finding a Babysitter We trying to find a babysitter. We have no clue where to start or how to do it but we’re going to give it a try.   I’ve finally convinced myself that I can leave my little baby and my little boy.   Why  The whole purpose of this is to spend […]

21 consequences of being part of a big family 

21 consequences of being part of a big family Whenever I think of a big family I think of that movie my big Fat Greek Wedding. That movie makes me laugh. I’m not Greek but I am from a big family. Big Families are species of their own and something that seems completely foreign until […]

South Melbourne Market, Melbourne 

The South Melbourne Market The South Melbourne Market reminds me why I love markets. It’s filled with fresh produce and flowers, quality food, unusual knick knacks and the odd bargain buy.   Where is the South Melbourne Market Address and location The market is located on the corner of Coventry Street and Cecil Street in […]

The Lodge, Lane Cove 

The Lodge With or without kids, The Lodge is a good place to eat out or have some drinks if you are in Lane Cove. Looking at their website you’d think you could never take your kids there but we visited one weekend morning for lunch and were pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere is warm and […]

Balmoral Pram Walk, Mosman

Balmoral Beach Pram Walk With or without the pram, Summer or Winter   Although it’s autumn / winter it’s still possible to enjoy the beach. I took our littelest for a stroll along Balmoral Beach in her pram and it was lovely.   Balmoral Beach is great for kids in the summer but this post […]

Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty, Victoria

Treats Cafe, Mt Beauty On our way to Falls Creek we stopped in Mt Beauty and while my husband filled up with petrol I ran across the road to an enticing cafe. I was in there for so long he had to come and get me 🙂 I left with a coffee and arms full […]